I want

to think about something else  But the same shit keeps running through my mind. I want to free myself from this torture that is a small part of my life. I don’t want to feel overwhelmed with this issue every time Monday comes around. I know you think so highly of yourself but, I just…Read more »

I thought

you could see though my fake happiness as I keep moving forward with everything. Even though all I really want to do is run and stay as far away from this mess as I can. Stuck inside your head Stuck inside this place Stuck inside and I’m losing it For I crave so much more…Read more »

We don’t

know why somethings just don’t turnout so well but, I don’t want to give up on things I know will workout in the end. Even when the beginning feels like a disaster waiting to happen and the outcome doesn’t even look like it will make it past noon. I know that I must keep my…Read more »

I am

cold as I walk through the darkness and my thoughts are all full of what I wish I could do right now. I walk and I stumble through things as you demand so much from me. I wonder when did I become your slave and when did my voice no longer belong to me. Am…Read more »


wasn’t the way things were supposed to go. Oh how I’ve heard that so many times lately but, yet here I am still here stuck in a place that does not appreciate all that I do for it. I try to be the bigger person and do all that I can do but there comes…Read more »