Under the sea

Image by Bikurgurl where  colorful fish swim and people on vacation like to explore and see so many beautiful things. They begin to forget about their troubles and focus on the things that are small and they don’t think much about. For the ocean will always be there and the can come and visit when…Read more »


Here not knowing how to feel or think. As I blindly go through life not really seeing the beauty in it all anymore. So dark I can’t tell morning from night anymore. Hoping this experience changes and doesn’t last for much later. Stumbling around knocking into everything well trying to get away from it all.…Read more »


if this was it for me and nothing more would come of me. My purpose feels like a lost treasure that not many know about but, everyone wants to find it.   Weeks and months and years go by and no one has found what little bits of who I used to be. I wonder…Read more »