you I just feel like there is no care in the world.

And, I’m grateful that I get these moments when I feel nothing but peace.

The thoughts of anger and sadness just aren’t around when you are so near to me.

I feel like I’m alive again and the things that have been thrown at me just aren’t as big as I thought or felt they were.

With your words and love I am free from the chains that hold me to my sorrow, today the sun shines down and all I think of is that is you warming me with your love.

I don’t doubt you but, sometimes I doubt myself because the pressure is on me now then it was before and I’m trying my best most of the time.

I feel like I’ve lost my mind and become the mad hater and nothing that is coming out my mouth now is making any sense.

I try  to focus but, it’s hard when everything is being thrown at me from so many directions.

I catch somethings and well others I miss and I try to do my best not to overstressed but it all becomes too much at the end of the day.



Written By: Deirdre Stokes



Daily Prompt: Courage

Take the first step of courage and make the choice to not let anyone run your life but you. 

I know you want it all but, what are you worth losing just to claim the end result of feeling empty. 

I give you the courage to speak your mind and do what your suppose to do and not let all these people drag you down.

I know you are in depend right now but, have the courage to say no and move on without the guilt or regret of feeling bad because you too know your limits. 

This place won’t break you even when you feel like you are about to explode because, they are pulling you in so many directions. 

That step of courage isn’t just about you finding yourself again but, appreciated this life that God granted for you. 

Every day you live for him and not for them because, when it’s your time to go will they cry as hard or will they easily just replace you. 

You know this move is the right one and at the end of the day you just have to put yourself first because, you are no good to anyone if you are tired and physically can’t do anymore now if it was even possible. 



Written By: Deirdre Stokes


Daily Prompt: Courage


How hard

I try to not be so overwhelmed about everything that seems to being falling into my lap right now.

I want to run and not worry about the demands being thrown my way, if only I had seen this coming.

I know that I would have never went down this path and took the risk because it’s really not working out.

I’m like a zombie and some days it feels like I’m just repeating the same shit over and over again.

Like there is no end to it and I’m starting to wonder why I am doing this in the first place, the reward is no longer worth the pain and sorrow.

Today and tomorrow all seem like no hope is in sight for me.



Written By: Deirdre Stokes



Daily Prompt: Rube

He grew up in the country and well he enjoyed the life he lived but, he wanted to see more and be more too. 

He set off to the big city to see the many things that it had to offer him, he didn’t know that his country accent would make people look down on him and call him names like rube. 

He was strong and the walls that had always be up to protect him from the bullies back home, helped him not let them get to him now. 

He found what he loved to do and was good at it too, he wrote songs and stories and became a big success. 

He didn’t go and rub it in the faces of the people who had treated him wrong, he lived his life being kind and loving the people who treated  him bad. 

He knew what they said was not true and that he would make it for he had the talent and he had the faith and his heart was full of love and kindness. 

He knew before they called him names that he was different and unique in his own way and, he knew that the things that made him stand out would help him win in the end. 

He gave back to the people who believed in him and wish the people who didn’t nothing be good luck for he hoped they would change their ways so they too could enjoy the things they love just a little more. 


Written By: Deirdre Stokes


Daily Prompt: Rube


The things I used to enjoy!

Three Line Tales, Week 107


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I sit down to read this morning and enjoy the little time I have before going to work and as I stare ate the roses and thread on my desk, begin to wonder how long it’s been since I’ve made anything with my bare hands.

I used to enjoy just making things and just taking long walks and picking roses from the garden but, now it seems I spend more time working and less time reading and doing the things I used to enjoy.

My time is limited and I value the time I have now more than I did before because I spend it doing the things I love less and spend more time doing the things I have to do just to survive in a world that just seems so cruel most of the time.




Written By: Deirdre Stokes


The things I used to enjoy!