Seven days

Of just moving around With no real directions. Just trying to get things done. But, thankfully the last two I wasn’t alone but with a real team. There was focus and encouragement and hope insight. I just know things were looking up but, then the reality of these last two days is it isn’t permanent.…Read more »

Do you see

Me as the rain begins to pour down more and more. I stood out here waiting where you said would be a perfect spot. But, instead it turned out to be the worst spot as I watched you that day with her. You ignored my text and calls as you laughed and stayed dry from…Read more »

What a

Weekend from so cold To still cold now raining all around me. Not in the mood to go out but things still have to get done. One more day and back to the reality of what a mess things are when no one cares. I know I’m blessed because things could be different and for…Read more »

That place

photo by Watari via Unsplash  used to be more than just a place where everyone tags there street art or they love, it was a place where we could all get away and all feel equal for we were all there for the same reasons. To find ourselves in a world that wants to put…Read more »

Take me

 To that place that makes me feel alive. Where the smile on my face can’t be swiped off my face even if you try. To the place where I feel like nothing can hurt me. Where I finally get some peace and quite. Where my voice is strong and I am so sure of myself.…Read more »

Like a

 Tree I can break too. And not just on an icy day. Sometimes it’s sunny days and I slowly dry up with no new growth inside. And I slowly start to bend until I fall completely apart. And be no more. You will clean up the mess I made and maybe on a hot summer…Read more »


 And overworked No where to run as everything gets to busy. And in the storm stands you unmoved and unbothered. I want to fight you and put you in your place and I know that will not happen. For I know at the end fighting with you won’t be worth it. I’m not angry enough…Read more »