Photo by Briggs Boyd on Unsplash How I need your quietness right now as the world has becomes so loud. I know sometimes life gets busy and you just have to move with it but, some people don’t appreciate all that you do. And so you just want to yell and that’s where nature comes…Read more »


Lord If I didn’t have you inside of me tonight would have gone differently. The calmness would have gone out of me and in its place would have been a storm. Words would have been flying around and not in a good way and for once she would have been put in her place. But,…Read more »


night is coming to a end and right now all I want is to sleep and not think about the things I can’t control. I just want quiet and can’t even get that with the cricket outside my house so joyful about being outside on a nice night after a good rain shower. But, to…Read more »


Photo by bruce mars on Unsplash it’s coming to an end but the heat continues on as if it just doesn’t want to go away. But it’s getting cooler in the mornings but, over too soon. The days too long with nothing to look forward to at least that’s what it feels like as you…Read more »

Make me

Photo by Radu Florin on Unsplash your canvas and paint on me the strokes of color that will show the mood you are in. make my skin less normal and turn it into a work of art. I am all the colors you need me to be. I will be your muse for today and…Read more »


truth is I just want to be angry because you didn’t think it though as you made my whole plan just go out the window. And it’s like what do you want me to do and did you think everything would just work out in the end because you thought you had the right help…Read more »


Is another day of wondering what will become of me. What will become of this place. So many unanswered questions and yet my mind is still coming up with so many more to add to the pile. Will I want the answers to all of them. Or just some of them that make life a…Read more »