Minutes is all I have to get it all done before my time is up. Several decisions have to be made before this new year begins and everything changes. At this point I’m not sure if it’s for the best or the worst. All I can do is get the things done and hope for…Read more »

I’ll wait

Photo by Tadeusz Lakota on Unsplash    for you  no matter how long  it may take.  I will always be by your side  when you need me and want me around.  For you are my heart  the only person I’ve ever loved so unconditionally. You are the first one I want to see in the…Read more »

So cold

Photo by Jonas Svidras on Unsplash outside yet I don’t let that coldness get to the warmth of who I am. All around me people try to tear each other down just to feel like they are stronger or wiser than each other. Some want to put on an act and be someone they are…Read more »


when I thought I knew it all you showed me a new way to look at life. You showed me that even when those around you aren’t giving their all doesn’t mean you should too. To keep going strong even when you just want to give up so badly. You helped me to smile again…Read more »

So down

In my luck as the cold air wraps all around me  Leaving me feeling like an popsicle, so cold to touch. I stand here wondering when I will find my pace in space like this that leaves you feeling hopeless in more than one way. No one seems to have your back and the one…Read more »

This isn’t

the way I wanted things to end. I had so much hope that things would work out this time. But, yet again here we are stuck in this same spot with no hope insight. I’m ready to fight for what is right but, the minute she is in my sight, the truth is it doesn’t…Read more »


give yourself some time as everything starts to change. Maybe this new opportunity will be the new start you were looking for. For all you want to do is make it and know that the hard work you have done really played off. You want to feel like you are someone who is helping not…Read more »