Here not knowing how to feel or think. As I blindly go through life not really seeing the beauty in it all anymore. So dark I can’t tell morning from night anymore. Hoping this experience changes and doesn’t last for much later. Stumbling around knocking into everything well trying to get away from it all.…Read more »

If I

were a fire would I burn strongly all night long. Or would I be a fire that keeps going out and make you work to keep me going. Would I be a calm fire that burns brightly in your fireplace. Or would I be a fire that destroys everything I touch with no care for…Read more »


realized I am blessed with being here. The things that seem to be stressful and make me feel like I’ve got bad luck and this cloud of rain is always around just waiting to pour down on me. At any moment and my luck is just about to run out and even though I’m smiling…Read more »

I shine

Photo by Rye Jessen on Unsplash my light into the sky and what do I see on this dark night. So many stars in the sky but it’s not the stars that catch my eye.  It’s the big creature that is looking down at me like it’s been waiting for me to shine my light…Read more »

It’s always

Photo by Elizeu Dias on Unsplash just been the three of us and I’ve cherish these moments we shared together.  I know we went through those awkward moments together and came out with a friendship that is still so unbreakable.  You two were always there protecting me from the wrong guy, the wrong decision the…Read more »


is moving by so fast that I just can’t believe tomorrow is August. Soon these hot days will turn warm and then cold, I know that time will go by fast and right before you know it. Things have passed and you missed them and you wish you could go back and get that time.…Read more »