Wait for me!

Welcome to Week 90 of Three Line Tales.


photo by Andre Benz via Unsplash

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Wait for me before you go please, I just need a moment of your time to finally tell you everything.

I want and need you to think about how you’re going to respond to me because this answer could hurt or bond us for life.

You know that I’ve always been truthful to you and wouldn’t have hidden this from you if I didn’t think it was the only option at the time.


Written By: Deirdre Stokes


Wait for me!


We all

want to be loved and understood and heard.

But, while we we’re looking for others to pay attention to us so that we feel important.

All we get is disappointment and nothing to gain but so much to lose.

If we just accept that we are already loved and we are already someone important.

Then doing what we love will make us feel this feeling that no one in this world could give us and they surely wouldn’t be able to take it away.

I’m a loner and lately it hasn’t been that bad for I’ve found my happiness on my own and I’m relying more on my God and myself now.

Yes, I still like to talk to others but the overwhelming feeling that used to eat me up inside unless I talk to someone is gone.

And I don’t try that hard anymore and maybe I don’t care that much either.

But, I’m still me if you ever still need me, I’m still here fighting and letting go of the things I can’t control.


Written By: Deirdre Stokes



Daily Prompt: Commit

I commit to you not just today

but every moment of my life.

I owe you everything for you saved me

and you keep saving me.

I’m lost without you and I struggle with you but

that’s only because you want me to learn and do better.

And how can I grow if everything is easy and not complicated, You lift me up and committing to you comes easy to me now.

I’ve become someone because of you and my worth was defined before I opened my eyes and entered into this world.

I am who  I am supposed to be because of you and I won’t stop writing and believing because you fuel me when I can’t seem to function without you.

Getting by day by day without you on mind and without you in my heart is like living in this world but walking around like a zombie with no purpose or direction.

Always hungry for something to fill me up but it won’t happen because you are the reason I feel complete now.

No longer feeling lost looking for something or someone to fill up the emptiness inside of me only to be disappointed when the emptiness is still there and growing bigger.

And no amount of time is making it better and I grew completely clueless and hopeless and dramatic.

But, one day you helped me finally wake up and walk away from the life I thought was the right one.

So today I commit to you Lord and only you, for without you nothing else would really matter or hold an interest.



Written By: Deirdre Stokes


Daily Prompt: Commit


Daily Prompt: Better

I want better for right now I feel so hollow

and this hole called my life is just growing

so deep.

I don’t know how or if  I want to crawl out of this dark place

for in the light I see the truth and truth is I’m alone and no one is looking for me.

The answers are not ending up to something great

so I rather just sit here in the dark with all the unknown

pieces of my life.

At least in the dark I am able to hide from the reality of what my life is now

a life I didn’t think would be for me but I just have to keep moving for standing still isn’t an option for me.

I can’t sit around being depressed and feeling down all the time for I have things to do and  I want and need better for me.

So I move forward even though the hollowness of my life is not fun I know that things will get better.

I just have to have a little faith that the better moments and the joy I used to love will come back in a better light that I can live with.


Written By: Deirdre Stokes


Daily Prompt: Better


I just

got these feelings and no amount of time away

is going to make them stop growing.

A lifetime of feelings for people who may not

care anymore.

For those who don’t know that I ever existed for

I’m just another person walking in the crowd

Another mouth to feed.

Another life to save with words or with God

To do better for me or for you.

To put him before you and anyone else

To tell you that you are not a priority in my life.

To live life knowing what is going to happen or to

wonder what possibly could happen next and that it can’t out do what just happened.

So many emotions playing out as I listen to this song, relatable to my life right now or how can someone go through that.

It would be so painful and confusing and hopeless in the end.

But, they went through it just to get to the other side of their life

and to see the world they love in another point of view.

The future I thought, u thought was going to be it for me or for you

is not the one we are destined to live out.


Written By: Deirdre Stokes




sad and wanting so much

from this life.

That sometimes the love that is present

is ignored as you just don’t see it anymore.

The disappointments have made you lose hope

that sometimes things take time and space.

You want to be mad and upset but in the end you

can’t really bring yourself to let the anger stay for long.

Your tired and you want to sleep away the worry and the

pain but, you know that the day holds so much more for you.

And laying in bed all day isn’t going to help but it’s time to just have

a little bit more hope that the rainbow will come after the storm.

And what’s left behind is better off then it was before everything you thought was important was taken away.



Written By: Deirdre Stokes



Daily Prompt: Climbing

I’m climbing to the top and every now and then

I stumble and fall a couple of steps.

But, instead of giving up I keep going

and sometimes it feels like someone else is carrying me through it all.

Today I feel like I’ve finally reached the top and there you are with a helping hand

to pull me up to my final destination.

The hands and feet that kept me from getting this far is gone and I am so alive right now

that I can’t hold a grudge against them or be mad at all.

All I can do is smile and laugh and cry happy tears at this moment that feels so unreal right now.

So much I have gone through and at times I have let the negativity get to me and drag me down so far.

I thought and felt there was no coming back from this but, some how and some way I made it to the top.

So would think I just had a good day and my luck was up.

But, I know the truth for the hand that reached out to me that day was my lord and the hands and feet that grabbed and kicked at me was my enemies.

They couldn’t see what I saw waiting for me at the top so they did all they could to tear me down.

Yet, I climbed on with more determined than I could build up myself.

For I had to get to the top and I couldn’t just sit down here and wish one day I had the guts to do it.

I had to act now and climb with all my might and not look down or back for one foot and hand at time.

Would get me to where I’m meant to be and I can say now and later that the climb was so worth it.


Written By: Deirdre Stokes


Daily prompt: Climbing