wasn’t the way things were supposed to go. Oh how I’ve heard that so many times lately but, yet here I am still here stuck in a place that does not appreciate all that I do for it. I try to be the bigger person and do all that I can do but there comes…Read more »


Here not knowing how to feel or think. As I blindly go through life not really seeing the beauty in it all anymore. So dark I can’t tell morning from night anymore. Hoping this experience changes and doesn’t last for much later. Stumbling around knocking into everything well trying to get away from it all.…Read more »


want to come out and create something more because life is sometimes stressful. And you want to escape into something just for a little while. To forget all your troubles and focus on someone else or just to see some good in the world. You  want to read or see something that doesn’t break your…Read more »


and right now there is no hope in finding what was once me.  Being pulled in so many directions I just can’t keep up anymore. They  want so much from me but, if I ask something it’s like I’m the one being ungrateful. How much longer do I have to walk around feeling like a…Read more »


for the words that need to be said.  But, my mouth just won’t open up  so that I can tell you the truth.  I’m tired of holding and hiding it inside anymore  I feel like the unknown is here and I just can’t make sense of what is going on.  I want to say something…Read more »