I don’t

Know if I’ll truly be able to just open up just let you in. For, yet again I choose to be alone for I can’t seem to face that this is what I wanted in the first place. I realize there is so much more but, my head just needs quite as the last couple…Read more »


I want to forget about all that is going on around me.  I’m tired of fixing other people problems but not having time to live my life.  I’m drowning in work and being praised for working overtime like my ability to function isn’t important anymore.  Also long as they can count on me and use…Read more »

Am I

Going to be the reason I am defeated. Am I my worst enemy right now as the battle to survive seems harder than before. Am I the reason it’s hard for me to breathe right now. Am I the reason I’m so tired right now did I drain myself of all the energy I so…Read more »


up in a space where all my happiness is locked behind another door and all the creativity is locked behind another door. This space I am is nothing but dark and the answers to when will everything great come back is just echoing around me but there is no hope I’ll get the answer soon.…Read more »


up is the pressure and as it rises up inside of me I don’t know if the frustration will come out slowly or fast and quick like lightning. And  the amount of damage that will be done just seem like I won’t have any control over it. I just have to let it out now…Read more »

What a day

Photo By Miguel Bruna via Unsplash   Like this path I didn’t feel like this day would ever end. My hope for some peace and quite was not going to happen at least not today and I felt like as the day went on that I was losing my mind and no matter how hard…Read more »

I was

told to give up on my pipe dreams and just live the life I have now. That it didn’t matter that I was miserable because at least I had a job and money and that should be enough for me. But, the truth is I could care less about the money because my body is…Read more »