I feel refreshed and relax with nothing on my shoulders right now feels nice I know that I will always love writing and finding the right words to say or write down when the time is right. Maybe some time things need to push to the side for you to realize that you have so…Read more »

How many

Photo by Maria Badasian on Unsplash   times will my smile light up your day  will they all be real or just faked when I see the sadness in your eyes.  Will you remember how many times I was there for you and even though I was hurting  I but my feelings to the side…Read more »

In my

Photo by Anthony Tran on Unsplash Safe haven I read a new book in hopes of distracting myself from the things in life that just can’t shake from my mind. Peace of mind is all I’m looking for right now and I just can’t wait to find it today. I don’t know how long I…Read more »


down on me like a storm brewing outside  Thunder and lightning crashing down as every word that comes out your mouth hits me hard in my chest.  I can feel the lightning hit my heart as it breaks into a million pieces  and the little bit of hope that I was holding on to for…Read more »

I know

that things will be different now and I’m trying to be strong through all the changes. But, all I feel is this great weight on my shoulders and I didn’t ask for this and all I can do is walk with my head up and hope I carry it all on my own. Or I…Read more »


much more do I have to give for what I owe to be over. I’m so ready to cut ties and move on and not look back I know that this has been a longtime coming and I just can’t believe this day has finally happened and I can just finally let go of everything.…Read more »


Photo by Alexandru Acea on Unsplash always stood out in the crowd even though it’s not been always a good thing. You see I’m different and I’ve always have been but the color red has always made me feel strong and confident. I know even though I am hiding now in this photo the red…Read more »