Daily Prompt: Façade

Her facade was beautiful but the truth of who she was In the inside was nothing close to beautiful. But she used her looks to get people to like her but her words Would burn them  up so fast. They couldn’t prepare themselves for the pain that was so strong It felt like they wereContinue reading “Daily Prompt: Façade”

Daily Prompt: Glass

Life is like glass, sometimes it gets broken into little pieces. And as you sweep up the mess to move on for better things. You may miss some pieces and so the memories stay with you for lifetime. As a reminder to not make the same mistake again. But some pieces of glass stay stuckContinue reading “Daily Prompt: Glass”


Your wickedly evil You try to play me like a fool. I didn’t see you coming For I was blinded by your smile But it really wasn’t a friendly smile. More like a little smirk, because you Lucked out and found a new victim to torture. With your games you played with my mind And IContinue reading “Wicked”