God how I saw you shining through someone today. Their joy was so clear and so pure and full of life. It just made me smile too and not question why he was that happy for I just knew it was because of you. He jumped for joy when I mentioned it was always so…Read more »


good to see you with a hug here and a handshake there. But spoken words are said and then it’s like everything just fades into the background. It’s like did you mean what you said or was it just something to say. All this is running through my mind and I don’t want to overthink…Read more »

The lights

Image by KAL VISUALS Were bright that night as we gather around to celebrate together and oh how long it had been since we had seen each other. We wanted to show each other how bright and how big we could go for this night was the only night we had time to do the show all…Read more »


words No time To deal With the stuff that doesn’t seem to matter Or the people always trying to be bossy when they have no real authority over anyone. One day they will realize just how much control they really have.   Written By: Deirdre Stokes Copyright ©️ 2015 By Deirdre Stokes


Photo by Atharva Tulsi on Unsplash no care in the world I sit here with all the confidence I have ever had and enjoy this moment. I am not worried about who is texting me or supposed to text me by now. I know that plans have probably changed as I don’t bother to look…Read more »


of rolling the dice and paying the price for other people  life choices I didn’t really sign up for. I am not your backup plan because if I am I will let you down everytime. For I owe you nothing and some day you will realize that when I am gone. But, for now I…Read more »


when I feel like there is nothing left for us to say to one another. I still reach out and say hello even when I don’t feel like dealing with people. You used to have so much to say and now it feels like we’re always pulling at straws to keep the conversation going. I…Read more »