I will stop trying to make this work  It’s been a long battle and I’m sad to say  I’m done fighting it.  I know things will change from now on but now I feel like I need to be in the background as this storm hits.  I don’t need to stand in front anymore for…Read more »

In the dark

Three Line Tales, Week 141 photo by Joey Nicotra via Unsplash   In the dark you will see the mess that I am, the mess that I hide because everyone is expecting so much from me. The mess that doesn’t seem to go away no matter how hard I work to clean it up and make…Read more »

In this

Moment I had this feeling of overcoming everything that was holding me back. No more feeling of how much more can I take before o break. The truth is they broke me a long time go and now nothing feels the same. Until, today when all that hard work that played off and all the…Read more »

Oh light

Shine down on me today as my day begins For I need you now. To light my way and to pull me from the darkness that calls me sometimes. I want to stand still and wait out the storm that is coming my way.  There is barely a sense of peace as I wander through…Read more »


stand here to tell the truth to not back down when they come at me crazy. I’ve seen it all and heard it all at this point  so I’ll stand here with no emotions on my face and let you get it all out. For it’s not personal on my end and every move you…Read more »


I want to forget about all that is going on around me.  I’m tired of fixing other people problems but not having time to live my life.  I’m drowning in work and being praised for working overtime like my ability to function isn’t important anymore.  Also long as they can count on me and use…Read more »

You would

Photo by Candice Picard on Unsplash never know the things that I’ve been going through since I’ve always been put together with nothing out-of-place. I’ve always been so strong and put together because who else was going to carry me through this storm I’ve been living in. Every morning drinking my apple cider has always…Read more »