Need hope and dreams and joy to get by in their life. A lot of times they don’t all come at the same time and so there is some times that the dream is not hopeful  and so the joy is not seen at all. But, you don’t give up when things go wrong for…Read more »


photo by Philippe Mignot via Unsplash and about all on my own with no worry insight and no hurry in my steps as I move along at a very normal pace. I know today is for me and the worry about how long things will take have not crossed my mind as I go about…Read more »


I feel it in my bones as I stand here being in the one place I rather not be. Faking a smile and trying to be okay when I feel nothing but okay in this moment. I want to do nothing but scream and the truth is no matter how much I say my frustration.…Read more »

To be

Photo by Ivan Karasev on Unsplash truly alone is like standing on this rock with no one around to help you or to save you. The fall will be a far one but that is not why you up there right now. You didn’t know how it felt to be truly be alone so here…Read more »


Photo by Daniel Jensen on Unsplash said taking some time off would help me find myself and find out what I truly need to do. But, right now I do feel at peace but the ache of knowing that I am going back in a couple of days makes me want to stay forever for…Read more »


My head I’ve imagined this moment so many times. But, I know when it all comes to reality it will be the best feeling in the world. Because that day will be the day I truly start living the life I’ve always dreamed of but never thought could come true. I will smile and it…Read more »


want to be a great one and be remembered by my words and my heart. I don’t want to live a life that is full of regret or disappointment. I can’t keep going this way and feel like a stranger in my own body. Because I’m staying behind for you the one who takes me…Read more »