That feeling

Is growing strongly Inside of me and yet. I still don’t know what to do about it but it leaves me feeling somewhat empty. I don’t know what it will take to fill this hole up. But it comes and goes as I realize I have a content life for the most part. But I…Read more »

Cold all

 Around as fall finally pulls into town The feeling of needing to layer up is here and as it feels good. To feel the warmth and not the cold around you as the leafs start to fall and you are surrounded with color and hope. You realize there is so much to look forward too…Read more »


 Is it that is holding us back and that’s got us walking around like ghost. Doing the same thing all over again day in and day out whether we’re at home or outside. Nothing feels new and exciting anymore and to go out and find it just feelings tiring and kind of hopeless. Do I…Read more »

The daily prompt

From September 24th I have to write a story using three scenes a train station, a sheriff’s office, and a general store. It all started at the train station, we are supposed to meet at 5pm to catch our 6:15 train out of town to see his parents my future in-laws. But his no where…Read more »

Living in

   The moment and forgetting about all the things that are holding me back. It’s now or never to hope to move forward in this life given to me. I can’t keep holding on to what if’s and how come that can’t happen for me. For at the end of the day this journey will…Read more »

Today I

Welcome¬†to Week 189 of¬†Three Line Tales. photo by Eberhard Grossgasteiger via Unsplash think I’ll just sit back and watch you behind this box with no regard towards you if this is creepy or annoying. I don’t want to do much today but watching you seems like fun and I can tell you don’t like it…Read more »

I have

 Become that person who is always there But who am I right now in this moment. And will I ever really know unless I make a change and I stop just being there. I can’t continue like this because I’m always waking up to a moment when I don’t know who I have become. I’m…Read more »