want to come out and create something more because life is sometimes stressful. And you want to escape into something just for a little while. To forget all your troubles and focus on someone else or just to see some good in the world. You  want to read or see something that doesn’t break your…Read more »


I could deny that I don’t feel like there was so much more that I needed to say before you closed your eyes and let everything go. I could have told you the truth and maybe then we both wouldn’t be standing on two different tracks but standing together. Maybe I wouldn’t be so sad…Read more »

I know

I can’t be too sad when I dugged my own grave With the careless words that I said that day. Maybe, just for a moment I lost my mind but it doesn’t matter I shouldn’t have let my emotions get the best of me. The night was already dark and then there I go saying…Read more »

Do you

still remember the times we laughed together and just got to know each other. Now it feels like it was all in the past and now seeing you feels so empty and pointless, every emotion shut down. Like I had to put myself on lockdown and you became  a stranger to me and, now  there…Read more »

I walk

in and I see you and it’s like being hit with a brick wall these emotions of sadness wash over me like. Someone close to me is gone and I can’t seem to figure out what is going on and so I quickly disappear inside. As I let myself fade into the background and this…Read more »

Where’s my support team at!

Where were you when I needed your support? There isn’t a day that goes by that the sadness that is now occupying the space that used to be the joy you bring. They say it’s hard to kick an addiction or to do something like depression on your own. But, what do you do when…Read more »


How many cries for help do we miss and if someone even says cries for help do we wonder if their hinting at something. How many people do we have to say we know to realize none of them are around when you’re at your lowest moment. Are they knocking down walls to get to…Read more »