Captive by your words!

Free Flow Friday with Laura Stuck on what to write you should check out free flow Friday by clicking on this link:¬†Free Flow Friday!   Captive by your words as I sit down and read a good book and completely zone out as I get sucked in to each page.¬† As the story unfolds rightContinue reading “Captive by your words!”

Promoting and Praising

Hello ladies and gentlemen, so tonight I’m promoting Gia Riley new book that is coming out soon. This author is one talented lady, I have read all her books and every time I am blown away with the way she writes. It is always so good and entertaining to read, I always get lost inContinue reading “Promoting and Praising”

Praise for K.K. Allen books!

Is the first book apart of this series and It’s good. Lyric and Wolf meet as she escapes from a bad relationship and becomes his band road manager. She knows his trouble and she doesn’t want to fall for another rocker and he knows she’s uptight and a girl who wants a relationship and hisContinue reading “Praise for K.K. Allen books!”

Daily Prompt: Feast

A feast of words are about to begin as everyone gets up and starts to find their ¬†inspiration to write. The reader will eat up the words as they read each poem, short story, book etc. The feast will last for hours, maybe even days and weeks and then end maybe in a month. ButContinue reading “Daily Prompt: Feast”