Daily Prompt: Flourish

We all want to thrive in life, at things we feel were good at.

But something always gets in the way

rather it be your own insecurities or someone else bringing you down.

Maybe you’re letting the negative voice in your head

Tell you, you’re not good enough.

So maybe you start to care a little less about the goals

You set and, then one day you get inspired and everything


And you’re back on top again feeling the flourish of your lifetime

Brightening like never before and you have hope again.


Written By: Deirdre Stokes


Daily Prompt: Flourish


Daily Prompt: Buddy


You’re my friend

Or you’re the name of a  dog.

But either way your always around

sharing laughter together or barking  together.

Were always sharing a moment, making memories

That I photograph to look back on when were not together.

Whoever  you are Buddy I’m sure you matter  to someone

And you bring  great joy to them.


Written By: Deirdre Stokes


Daily Prompt: Buddy


Daily Prompt: Healthy

Oh how sometimes being healthy isn’t easy

But being healthy is a good thing for the body.

Eating fruits is a good thing, for there sweet and delicious

But who am I  kidding when sometimes the healthy choice

Isn’t the first thing on your mind.

Being healthy takes a lot of planning things out but in the end

The results are usually good, whether you want to improve you’re

Eating habits or lose weight or just try to eat differently.

Healthy can mean so many things to you but it’s up to

You to accept it for what you want it to be.


Written By: Deirdre Stokes


Daily Prompt: Healthy



Daily Prompt: Underestimate

I’m quite the shy one and maybe that makes you

think I’m not capable to standing up for myself.

But let me tell you something I’m more than what

You see on the outside, and it’s wise to not  underestimate me.

I may be short and a women but I’m more than able to bring you

Down with just one hit.

So if you let me show you what I’m capable of doing, no matter

What the task is I will learn how to do it, if I still can’t do it I

Will let you know.

But all I ask for is a chance to try to figure it out for I’m not looking

For the safe way out of life, I can’t live to the fullest if you won’t give me

A chance to experience as many opportunities as I possible can.


Written By: Deirdre Stokes


Daily Prompt: Underestimate




#MayBook Prompt

My last words

I don’t know what my last words will be

Or who will be around me for it’s not my time yet.

I hope, I would think I would have little to say or a lot

Depending on who I’ll  be talking to.

But as I lay there dying, I hope I’ll be surrounded by love ones

And nice things will be said and I will go in peace knowing I

Completed all I was meant to do and said all that needed to be said.

I’d probably be brutally honest  and let you all have it and probably

Won’t all be good words coming out my mouth but you’ll get over it

When I’m gone.

In the end I hope you’ve said all you had too to me and when it’s time

you feel as free as I will.

So lay me down when I am dying and talk my ear off and let me do the

same until I leave with smile on my face and knowing I’m going to a better place I hope.

But I also hope you will be okay and strong when I’m gone, and I want you to know it’s okay to carry on without me and more joy will come and I will always be in your heart.



Me laying here dying for all to see one day!


Written By: Deirdre Stokes


For the # May Book Prompts-As I Lay Dying

#MayBook Prompt

Warm bodies who are you?

Warm bodies cuddle together on a cold night

Warm bodies try to brave the heat

Of the sun shining down on them.

Warm bodies work hard to make a living

To be inspired, to create something new.

Everyday they get up and walk up the hill

And fall on their knees to see what life has for

Them on the other side.

These warm bodies are called human beings and

They have so many names.

They grow up trying to be more than someone would

Say they could be, for they wanted to be  better, stronger, wiser.

Only to end up in place a little better than before they went

Off and dreamed about the life  that seemed so possible if

They just believed in more than what they can see.

These warm bodies enjoy many things and they really just want

The things in life that are meaningful, and a place to call home.


Written By: Deirdre Stokes


For the #May Book Prompts-Warm Bodies


Daily Prompt: Survival

I’m trying to survive on an already empty tank

There’s no emotions running through my body right now.

The day is slowly going by and I’m just barely cruising by

and as I sit here, I try to make some contract with what’s going on.

But nothing seems to work as I can’t focus on anything but I’m

telling myself inside that I’m really living right now for I’m doing

what I love and I’m not settling at anything.

But the tank is still empty, even when it seems I’m happy as can be

this thing called survival just isn’t feeling the way I thought it would.

What can I do to make this situation better and start living on a full tank

of joy, love, laughter again.

Sometimes surviving is hard and even though you’re alive and you’re moving around

and you’re doing the things you love, sometimes your still lost inside.

Simply surviving isn’t something you can do anymore, for you’re inside is crying

for more and you just can’t seem to grasp what it is.

So how do you survive when the feelings and emotions of yesterday are gone and

today seems impossible to survive?


Written By: Deirdre Stokes


Daily Prompt: Survival

#MayBook Prompt

One of my favorite movies

Eat, pray, love is a good movie and I loved everything about it. I loved the stages she took to find herself and not just keep living the same old life. This poem is inspired by this movie.


I didn’t want to wake up and complain about how everything

Is the same and it’s not fair, when I’m not doing anything about it.

I packed up all the things that carried great memories and threw the rest away.

No need to hold on to the past things or words when they do more harm been kept and remembered.

I feel so free now as I walk away from the baggage that held me back all these


I’m not a kid anymore and so my old toys have to go, and they will be replaced with books and movies and sketchbooks.

Who am I? I said to myself when all was lost and I had fallen off the wagon I had once been on.

My happiness is a rocky road for it is not always around, but I  don’t let the sadness stay for long.

Things that seemed so simple become so much harder to deal with when you’ve lost your way over and over again.

But you don’t give up because right now you’re at your strongest, and it’s time to fight for your not alone in this battle.

It’s all up  to you to eat up the food, the knowledge and to pray every step of the way.

Also, to love with all your heart for something’s only happen once and the new you wants to live it all.

Leaving no rock unturned, and for the first time in a long time you smile and laugh on your own for everything you’ve been searching for is right in front of you.



Written By: Deirdre Stokes


For the# May Book Prompts-Eat, Pray, Love



#MayBook Prompt

How to be free

First accept who you are, for what’s worse than not feeling

free in your own body.

Do what your heart desires and trust yourself when you feel

It in your gut.

Let your mind  set you free when your voice  gets you

In trouble.

Never ever let anyone tell you, you’re not good enough for

No one knows your talent like you do.

And even though you know so much, you still not afraid to ask for help.

So many things you feel free to do in this world.

Like reading and writing, researching things that interest you.

Listening to music or making music, music has so many sounds and we all are free to make it on our own.

Then you have the ability to make the quality and quantity of things because

You want too.

Freedom is all we want when it comes to life and there so many shades of

What we call free or feel free.


Written By: Deirdre Stokes


For the# May Book Prompts-Fifty Shades of Freedom