Photo by courtney Hobbs on Unsplash any moment you could fade from ones life and just like a bit of smoke or fog you will be gone in a blank of an eye. And in that moment will someone know you are gone or will they think of you later on when it’s too late.…Read more »


not up to me to plant the way for you even though I want so much for you. I know you Would rather be like the plants that don’t need much water or care. Then one who needs to be covered with water daily. You hate the unwanted attention and yet you feel mine is…Read more »


Photo by Tina Dawson on Unsplash sometimes just have to smile when you realize that everything is coming together for once. You know that even if everything falls apart again you still have this moment to look back on and feel at peace. Because sometimes things get bad but tomorrow will and can be brighter…Read more »


Need hope and dreams and joy to get by in their life. A lot of times they don’t all come at the same time and so there is some times that the dream is not hopeful  and so the joy is not seen at all. But, you don’t give up when things go wrong for…Read more »


Week 172 of Three Line Tales photo by Form via Unsplash  center after such a long week wasn’t easy and I feel it still isn’t as I stand on this roof. Trying to shut out all the words and sounds around me as I focus on what I love to do and not get lose in…Read more »

Oh how

Image by Adriana Velásquez  I love to start my day with a great book to read well attempting to eat breakfast. I know that I can get lost in a good book and maybe eating breakfast and reading are not all that great of an idea but, I just can’t help myself. Walking past the…Read more »


how I want to not use them right now as the anger and frustration boils up inside me. I don’t want to open my mouth other than to scream or to say good bye and not look back. I’m tired of having to say what we both know is happening around us right now. It’s…Read more »