Looking on the bright side

So many things just seem to be going in the wrong direction

and I could just accept that things are not going my way.

Or I could look on the bright side and hope that things will start looking up

for what’s the point in staying in the past for there are  things I have no control over.

Sometimes the good days are good and the bad days turn into a lesson I needed to learn

in order to know how the fix the things in my life I didn’t know how to fix in the first place.

The bright side of things for me is I’m still here and even though sometimes my days are long, I find my way back to the light every day and  that I am grateful for.



Written By: Deirdre Stokes


Looking on the bright side



Our friendship is something I look forward to

the talks we share are so great and the time invested  into this friendship

is the reason it hasn’t fallen apart like the rest.

I don’t take you for granted and I care about the things that are going on with you rather they are small or large.

I have your back even when you just want to be alone and just want to do everything on your own.

I tell you to not go down the same path I went for some times I feel so hollow inside and time has not yet healed those wounds of my mistakes.

You are my fresh air when life just feels like I can’t breathe anymore, you are the strength I lean on when the world’s ugliness is just too much for me to handle.

You are my light when the darkness is all I see in my life and every where I go.

You are my antidote to the poison of this world that tries to bring me down now and then.



Written By: Deirdre Stokes





I wish I could do that but the very thought of relaxing just doesn’t

sit well with me.

It’s like if  I think or want to do it something comes up and I’m off running around doing all the things I didn’t want to do on my day of relaxation.

relaxing seems like a vacation which I have no time to take or to enjoy if it ever comes around.


Written By: Deirdre Stokes





Should I stop to love you

or should I keep moving forward.

Are you a missing key to the answer

I seek behind the doors that are yet opened to me

and should I wait around for them to open.

Or should I move forward and just keep going until I

find a door that is already open and ready for me to


Maybe one day I will stop and let you love me but for now

I don’t want to be tied down or just maybe I’m not ready for the love to turn sour before my eyes.



Written By: Deirdre Stokes




I felt

the chill run through my body before I even knew you were in the room.

All the hairs on my arm stood up as you walked through the door

I knew when I felt your eyes roaming the room that you would soon found mine.

We were connected in a way no words could explain it to others but we understood it well now as we continued to grow together.

You were my chill and I was your warmth and together I made it better for you in the winter and you always helped keep me cool in the hot summers days.


Written By: Deirdre Stokes