Daily Prompt: Recite

She stood there in front of the class ready to recite a poem she wrote.

One that was her favorite and she hoped they enjoyed it.

She took a deep breath and stated to read the poem out loud.

she could feel her voice shaking but she continued on.

And once she finished everyone clapped and the teacher asked her some questions then she sat down.

she finally let out a breath as the next person got up and talked about their self.


Written By: Deirdre Stokes


Daily Prompt: Recite



I’ve waited too long but right now this feeling is just floating in the air and the feeling of it is so strong, I fear it will knock me right over.

My fear for this to be gone grows everyday and every night that the words are left unsaid.

I don’t know if I should say something because what if I don’t really mean it and then once said it can’t be taken back.

It’s time to truly let you back in or just let you go and move on with no ties left behind in the end.

For I can’t keep moving forward with a piece of you holding me back at the same time.

In a way I have moved on but the memories of you just seem to stay even though everyone else has already faded from my mind and heart.

Why does it seem the connection I had with you is still holding on when at times I don’t think about you at all.

Like the memories of you only happen during certain seasons of the year and other times it’s like your far from my mind and then it’s like you pop up like an email from an old I didn’t expect to hear from again.



Written By: Deirdre Stokes



Somethings are

better off left alone and I felt that way when it comes to you.

But, from time to time my thoughts drift to you and I feel like I should reach out over the miles of distance that kept us from being so close again.

And just try to be your friend but, then I realize why would i want that or am I really sure I want to go down that long and lonely path again.

Something are better left alone the past whisper to me as the future shines a light down my path to help guide  me away from the things I think I want  or need in my life.

As the door closes and locks for good this time I’m truly don’t ever wonder if I made the right decision for my life is so full of joy, peace, and it feels so much more complete than before.

When there were so many holes I didn’t know if I could fill them all and so I would end up drowning from all the things pouring into the life I thought I wanted and needed at the time.

God finally showed me what I needed and wanted was not the same.

And, that I was better off with the baggage from my past out of my life.

For what I stood for now wasn’t the same and who I was

was not the same girl as before.

I needed to embrace the new me and try not to get in trouble.




Written By: Deirdre Stokes



Daily Prompt: Paper

Paper you used to be my go to when I had to write something down

whether it be poetry or just a thought.

I would just get this feeling and quickly I would grab a pencil and just start writing until

my heart was content.

The words would just flow from my mind on to that paper and I wouldn’t stop until I felt I had let it all out.

I still have poems on paper and read them now and then but my love for writing on paper isn’t as strong as before.

As I spend more time writing on my computer than I do with paper.

Sometimes I go back to you paper and write and write until my hands just can’t write anymore and I have to rest.

Paper you were what I used in the past and sometimes in the present and if It hadn’t started with you.

I wouldn’t have a full notebook of poems now and I wouldn’t have so many more poems on my computer either.




Written By: Deirdre Stokes


Daily Prompt: Paper



Sometimes I think your better left behind.

I can’t find my way if I’m looking back to see what I could have changed along the way.

If only I had….

If I just had said something

Or if only I had walked away and didn’t get involved in that situation at all.

But, then sometimes the past isn’t all that bad when you can smile and be happy to acknowledge that moment.

Like friendships that are from your past but, continue to grow to in your present.

Or something in the past you didn’t like now is a favorite of yours in the present.

Maybe I’ll keep you past and hold on to the good times but continue to grow in the present.

And look forward to the future for I got through my past and I know the present is  bringing a lot of good things my way.


Written By: Deirdre Stokes



No time to looking back

anymore for I have new hope that this will workout

for me in the end.

When the sun is shining brightly from the beginning and the peaceful feeling is washing over me today.

I know that things will look and be good for me and those around me.

I don’t have time to look back at the things I missed out on or the things in the present that are not apart of my life.

I live for the now and if you’re not apart of my present than that’s on you not me and I smile knowing that I made the best out of what I had.

And the possibilities are just starting and future holds so much for me but I’m going to focus on the present and light up everything that comes my way.

Because, this year is the battle of a lifetime and I won’t stop fighting.

Even when my hope gets low, I will just rely on my faith to carry me through it no matter what.

For I don’t have time to look back when the most important things are right in front of me.



Written By: Deirdre Stokes



I used to

think my life would end up on a path so much different from the one I’m on

but I never thought I see  the connection that grew as I aged up turn into dust

and fade away before I had a chance to mend them.

Time sometimes sneaks up on us and when it’s time to think where it all went wrong

it’s too late or the truth is not around anymore.

So you’re lost and so confused on how it all could have went so this way or maybe

you know the times you slowly but surely walked away and just maybe you thought someone would notice your gone.

But, life has a funny way of showing you just how unimportant you are when you are all alone and no one is trying to find out what happened to you.

You want to be bitter and sad and miserable but you still see the good in the world that has started to close its doors on you.

You smile and you don’t let the bad and lonely moments turn you into someone who doesn’t have some hope left in you.

That little hope keeps you going when time gets so tough that breathing seems like the last thing you should care about.

That little hope carries you on for so long that everything in the past doesn’t bother you anymore but you wouldn’t open that door to the things that don’t matter anymore.

You live with the possibility that someone will remember you and that the connections of today and yesterday will continue and not everyone will leave you.



Written By: Deirdre Stokes