want to come out and create something more because life is sometimes stressful. And you want to escape into something just for a little while. To forget all your troubles and focus on someone else or just to see some good in the world. You  want to read or see something that doesn’t break your…Read more »


had so much to look forward too and maybe you had it all planned out. But, the day you prepared to walk across that stage felt like the day you had been waiting for. You were excited and just extreme ready for this day to hurry up for you were just so ready to get…Read more »

So much

was left behind that day and now the hole is getting bigger. The pain that was left behind just so you could get a moment to breathe. You thought the pain would fade and the truth is the wound is so much worse than before. Time didn’t heal it the way she thought it would…Read more »

Daily Prompt: Rapid

The things in my life were changing faster than I could get things together. Everything that I had dreamed of seem to be fading way each time I blinked an eye the answers that I had been looking for were nowhere to be found. I had hope things will be going towards less stressful days…Read more »

I thought

I knew the answers to the riddle that you seem to want me to answer. But, what I discovered was not the truth I wanted to know I thought you cared about my well-being  and now  I’ve never felt so lied too. Your words were the truth I never wanted to know and yet, now…Read more »

If only

they knew the truth about your wicked ways. The breath so hot it feels like a dragon breathing down my neck. The strength of your words always feel like I’m drowning with bricks tied to my feet. The days that I count until you’re not around to hunt me down like a wolf looking for…Read more »


I feel like a blank canvas with no one to create something amazing on it. I feel like an empty shell of a person who once had so much hope and something to look forward too. But, here I am standing with no hope that things will turn around. For no one knows the truth…Read more »