Am I

To naive to accept that this pain is

the final sign that it is time to walk away.

Maybe this is the sign I’ve been looking for but I am doubting the things that.

seem too real to be true and believing in the words.

That say I’m not good enough or I’m not worth your time.

I’m invisible and I must accept that I will be walked on and I should just keep on taking it.

I would be so naive if I believed everything that the evil thoughts that play out in my head.

When people turn on me or come at me because they think they are above me.

So many things and people try to push someone down when things go bad for them.

And, maybe I’d feel sorry for you but I can’t.

Because, you came for me even when I smiled in your face and was so sympathetic to your pain.

Maybe you shouldn’t be so naive to think all I am is sweet and kind!


Written By: Deirdre Stokes