I thought

you could see though my fake happiness as I keep moving forward with everything. Even though all I really want to do is run and stay as far away from this mess as I can. Stuck inside your head Stuck inside this place Stuck inside and I’m losing it For I crave so much more…Read more »

I am

cold as I walk through the darkness and my thoughts are all full of what I wish I could do right now. I walk and I stumble through things as you demand so much from me. I wonder when did I become your slave and when did my voice no longer belong to me. Am…Read more »


can’t catch me You can’t touch me. You can’t find me when you finally want me I’m not the one to wait around for you when you decide something is better. You try to say you were blind to the good things that were right in front of your face and your eyes are open…Read more »

I find

it hard to find balance  when each step is like standing on a balancing beam. one wrong step and I’m falling and starting all over again.  I know that failure happens but, right now I’m no a limited amount of time  and I don’t have time or the energy to keep trying.  I must get…Read more »


putting my best foot forward  only to have it stepped on continuously.  Soon there is this cloud called darkness following me around and it rains on all the good that I do.  I try so hard to not go dark when things become rough and tough.  I don’t want to step away from the warmth…Read more »


I will stop trying to make this work  It’s been a long battle and I’m sad to say  I’m done fighting it.  I know things will change from now on but now I feel like I need to be in the background as this storm hits.  I don’t need to stand in front anymore for…Read more »


Power of words on paper the power of words sung in a song when it’s good it captures you in an instant. It’s hard to walk away or stop listening as you find yourself getting lost in so many emotions. In that moment everything clicks into place, the answer you’ve been looking for just become…Read more »