You are

my everything  my greatest moments  worth the time it takes to get ready.  You are the realize I don’t give up  and I choose to continue on even when the struggle keeps going on and on.  I have faith that you will deliver me through it all and when I come out on the other…Read more »

Why is it

so hard to find the words when it comes to saying hello and when it comes to saying good-bye. So much to say in between it all but, not sure how to say it in the end. Morning and afternoon comes and goes and as evening comes around still the words have not formed inside…Read more »

From the

Photo by Pierrick VAN-TROOST on Unsplash   Fog I step out into the world of chaos Nothing good seems to last outside the fog. I rather be lost in safety of the fog than to be in the open with nothing to hide my vulnerability. So much has happened and so much has been undone…Read more »


me tell you about how it feels to be trapped. You know that better days will come but you are in this box and you want to fight your way out. But the chance that its going to workout for you in the end is so small that the hope in inside you is not…Read more »


Photo by Jose Llamas on Unsplash   did we get here  on this path of so much light.  A path that feels so right and  so bright that the light doesn’t  seem to end as we head down this  road today together as one.  No longer are we alone on this path that seem  so…Read more »


want to come out and create something more because life is sometimes stressful. And you want to escape into something just for a little while. To forget all your troubles and focus on someone else or just to see some good in the world. You  want to read or see something that doesn’t break your…Read more »