Photo by Annie Niemaszyk on Unsplash again as the white snow falls all around me for I have peace again and the feeling just feels so right. It is cold out and as much as I dislike being cold right now the cold is numbing out the things that make me sad and is bring…Read more »

In my

Photo by alexandra marcu on Unsplash cocoon of blankets trying to forget about the cold that is brewing outside. Waiting out the winter days in hope for days that are less cold than today. waiting for the ache in my throat to go away as I drink something hot again today, when will the season…Read more »


  Photo by Ryan James Christopher on Unsplash how cold it is and how much rain has fallen that as the year ends the rain comes to wash out the last bit of bad and unfortunate things that have happen to you. You stand outside preparing yourself to the things that will come next year…Read more »

Eight days

until I can truly feel the joy of this season. The days leading up are all filled with working and cleaning and rushing around to get things down. When it’s finally here and then the next move will be focusing on the next holiday and the next moment you get to just relax. Soon it…Read more »

I know

I shouldn’t say anything because it’s just not right to be mean. So I stand here quiet as a mouse as you go on and on about whatever it is you so want to talk about. I know that I’m focus on what needs to be down and that you won’t notice if I’m not…Read more »

I can’t

Get inside your head and make you see things my way. But, I can’t stand here and argue with you all day either. I’m tired of doing more even though I’m Capable of doing it. I shouldn’t have to do it all the time because you can’t handle the heat. I’ve taken the stress and…Read more »