I am

a fighter and there isn’t a day that goes by that I’m not fighting something. Fighting to keep everything on track when at work or fighting to stay alert when working a long shift. Fighting to keep my inner demons from winning and taking more light from me. Fighting to keep my faith number 1…Read more »

I closed

Photo by Ben White on Unsplash my eyes and prayed everything would be alright that day. And that the next day the stress of the day before was not still on my shoulders. I know that I have worried about everything but the true depth of my situation is worst than I thought. There will…Read more »


be the one who moves like the ocean on a calm day just going smoothly along a plan you have made for yourself. And you hope life could be this calm but the truth is you are about to become more of a storm as things around you are changing and the path is little…Read more »


want to say my patience is not at its limit. But, I know that each day that I stay the more I’m losing more of me. I’m done complaining and I’m ready to change and walk away from the frustration. I’m ready to enjoy the good weather no matter how hard the wind blows. I…Read more »


many things are happening around me and it saddens me when so many get hurt. You want to be aware of the things but, you don’t want to see the aftermath of the crime. The people in so much pain and scared when all they wanted was to enjoy another day. When will the peace…Read more »


Photo by MAU Productions LLC on Unsplash are friends and yes we are different in so many ways but the similarities are few but together we are always one. We have our own style and our own smiles and dreams and hopes and we support one another because one day we may not be holding…Read more »