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of you on this cold morning as I stand here 

my mind is full of sorrow of the times we had together and now there over. 

I know when I leave this spot and go back to the house we both used to call home 

you will be gone and the home I loved coming back to everyday will be empty and lonely.

I know that I have to leave this spot but I just can’t face what will come once I leave and so I stand out here just a little longer and hope maybe things will be different. 

If I come up with the right plan just maybe things will workout for us and this moment will just be temporary. 

I know that I am the key to your happiness and you are the key to mine when it comes to our love. 

I know this is the real thing and you are it for me so Our home my be just me for now but, soon you will be back and things will be better than before and I hope we stick this time and handle things differently from now on. 



Written By: Deirdre Stokes



If only

you could save some time in your pocket and store it for later.

When you just need a little quite time to a very long day.

You’re tired of solving everyone else problems and not your own because you just don’t have time for yourself.

You try to find the answers to what would this moment be life if I just had more time to appreciate it and really savor it for all the things it could offer me.

You beg for more time just to find your way out of this endless path that doesn’t look like its ended up with the answers you really wanted.

You want to feel the pull that this is the right thing to do and smile because you are having the time of your life right now.

You want to feel like every question that is in your mind has a point and needs to be answered and right now is the time to seek them.

If only you saw yourself the way I see you and if only you truly believed you were doing your best at the end of the day.


Written By: Deirdre Stokes



Daily Prompt: Awkward

There’s always awkward moments in life

that make you want to run and hide.

You hate those moments when it feels there is this awkward silence after greeting someone and you just have nothing to say.

You try to come up with something quick to say for it’s just too quite for you.

No noise to you means something or someone is doing something they are not supposed to be doing.

So you go on high-alert waiting for some type of noise to alert you that you need to head in that direction.


Written By: Deirdre Stokes


Daily Prompt: Awkward


Daily Prompt: Rush

I don’t want to rush for I live for these moments when life just slows down for well I’m not in a hurry to go anywhere.

I wish I could be off more for the peace I get from not hearing someone else other than my own voice.

I don’t want to deal with things that are mostly out of my hands but here I am dealing with stuff that happened before I came along.

The stress I could definitely do without as I’m tired of rushing around and just for once would like to not rush and just enjoy these moments for sooner or later these moments will be fewer.

Time seems to be long when you’ve been around for a while but the feeling of not rushing to get somewhere is one of the best moments for me.


Written By: Deirdre Stokes


Daily Prompt: Rush


Just another

day to feel like I’m breaking all over again.

The strength I thought I had gained feels like a big wave has crashed into it and I’m left with nothing but wet sand.

The wall my rock seems to be gone and everything just feels like a down high battle.

Nothing shines in this place anymore and alone I stand watching all the things I love wash away from me.

I try to hold on to something but, without the things and people I love what is there left for me now.

Everything gone and destroyed and all that is once so pure and bright is now so dirty and dark.

The light I took for granted is now gone and the darkness that I never wanted to welcome in is now the place I call my home.

Gone are the good days and now the bad days and moments show through every step and move I make.

I am the black cat you avoid on those sunny days that you take a walk outside, you smile and take in nature.

But, the moment you see me you cross the street and walk as fast as you possibly can just to avoid catching the bad luck that follows me around.



Written By: Deirdre Stokes










I see you

I hear you

Crying out

For someone, anyone to just hear you.

You want to be rescued from the pain that your hiding behind those eyes.

You want to be seen as good but, your past is so dark that you don’t know how to embrace the light that is coming into your present.

You want to be seen as the person who is now good and has been forgiven for the his past and now is living in the moment that can change everything.

Your heart just wants to be loved and accepted because well life can get lonely sometimes and you don’t really know whose apart of that life anymore.

You trying so hard to look forward but, the good times of the past keep flashing before your eyes.

And you begin to wonder what life would have been like things had turned out a different way.

But, you begin to realize that every struggle that you had come across was a blessing for your life is where it needs to be right now.

You feel happy and satisfied and even though most days are tough, you continue to get up and be strong and motivated to do what needs to get down because you want to be here when something new comes along.


Written By: Deirdre Stokes