Save me from the flames!

What do you do when you’re engulfed by flames? Do you drop, dunk and roll? Or do you decide you’ve lived long enough, and end up burning up and becoming a pile of ashes? Or maybe the flames aren’t literal but all in your head. For you messed up so bad that everything you touchedContinue reading “Save me from the flames!”

How to be free

First accept who you are, for what’s worse than not feeling free in your own body. Do what your heart desires and trust yourself when you feel It in your gut. Let your mind  set you free when your voice  gets you In trouble. Never ever let anyone tell you, you’re not good enough forContinue reading “How to be free”

Meet me at Midnight

Take me away from the evil Lord! For I just want to be good and to do good But the evil temptation and sin lurk at every Corner and so I run fast away from them everyday. But, even if the evil doesn’t get me today, tomorrow or This week it’s always around, waiting for anContinue reading “Meet me at Midnight”

The fury inside of you!

The sound of your voice when its calm Is lovely and sweet and pure. But when your mad it becomes out strong and determined It makes you realize how, you are upset and you make sure. It comes across crystal clear that you won’t tolerate ignorance or disrespect ever. The sound of your fury is quiteContinue reading “The fury inside of you!”


Your wickedly evil You try to play me like a fool. I didn’t see you coming For I was blinded by your smile But it really wasn’t a friendly smile. More like a little smirk, because you Lucked out and found a new victim to torture. With your games you played with my mind And IContinue reading “Wicked”