Water&Chocolate is what I need!

When I’m thirsty water is all  I need But when I want something sweet, I crave Chocolate and not just any kind for I  want it all. But, I know too much chocolate isn’t always A good thing  and I don’t like every type of chocolate like dark chocolate just too bitter for me. But IContinue reading “Water&Chocolate is what I need!”

The Shadow that follows me

It was a windy day and as the sky got dark All I  could see was shadows everywhere. Shadows on the tall office buildings as I walked past them as fast as my little legs could carry me. But as I walked past them, they begun to pull towards me Snaking cross the ground asContinue reading “The Shadow that follows me”

That night you were

So patient and kind to me, you we’re earlier I didn’t think I deserved the tendering touch. You were giving me, for earlier I had been so cruel. I yelled at you for forgetting something, I later discovered I never told you to get. For the text was never sent ,you should be mad outContinue reading “That night you were”

The Nightmare

It all started with me leaving the house That night, it was so dark and silent Too silent if you ask me but I kept walking. As I entered the forest that night all I thought About was this is the quickest way to your house. But as I got deeper into the woods, IContinue reading “The Nightmare”

The Library

It had been a long day of researching And  the quietness of the library helped me focus For the first time this semester. I felt good to not have to rush to pull this paper Together, and it was quite an interesting subject. But as I looked up from the book I had been reading AndContinue reading “The Library”