You always

Photo by Roan Lavery on Unsplash told me to wish upon a star and everything I ever wanted would come true. Being with you was all I ever wished for. As I stand here among the big star and the blue lights and stars on the tree. All I can think about is the time…Read more »


Photo by fotografierende on Unsplash Come and go but the love that one feels for their family and friends stays burning all year-long. The rooms are full of laughter and happiness and new memories are being formed to carry on to the new year. In hopes that the new year will give them more chances…Read more »


Photo by Blaise Vonlanthen is almost here and these little moments of us decorating the tree and the house well feels like it’s been a long time. Since we’ve just sat down and talked to one another about the little and big things going on in our life. It makes me realize how much we…Read more »


going to make you see the real me. For I don’t want you to miss out on anything that makes me who I am. I know the days are long and I’m not around as much as you want me to be. But, don’t think twice that I’m not fighting to keep you around and…Read more »


when I thought I knew it all you showed me a new way to look at life. You showed me that even when those around you aren’t giving their all doesn’t mean you should too. To keep going strong even when you just want to give up so badly. You helped me to smile again…Read more »

I wish

that more days could be filled with Joy and happiness. That people could help one another more than the little time they can afford to give up.  That we wouldn’t forget the things that come before and after.  That we would cherish the things and time we have together for so much is happening. I…Read more »


Photo by Daniel Minárik on Unsplash is all I wanted to do this year as I knew I had to get to you and see you for the holidays. Nothing can stop me from getting to you this year not even these leaves I’m about to drive through with my new red car as I…Read more »