Valentine’s day everyone. To most it’s just another Thursday and you already show your love towards each other everyday. So keeping loving and brighten each other day and maybe go a little farther and do the same for someone else today. For not all of us are blessed to have some around to show us…Read more »

I’m in

my moment because of you and I don’t know what the plan I feel that is coming is. But, I’m ready to give it all up and move forward for the life that feels like floating on air. The life that feels like a nice breeze blowing through you air, the sun shinning down on…Read more »


want the peace to wash over me right now as the stress takes over. Wreaking everything around me and ripping me apart little by little each day and moment that it’s around. I don’t want to feel as if I’m not at the top of my game but, at the same time I won’t allow…Read more »

I know

you want me to go far and just when I feel I can’t do what I used to do you tell me your strength will come back and you will be better than before. And don’t you doubt yourself for you are great and the moment you realize that the better. There is no time…Read more »

You always

Photo by Roan Lavery on Unsplash told me to wish upon a star and everything I ever wanted would come true. Being with you was all I ever wished for. As I stand here among the big star and the blue lights and stars on the tree. All I can think about is the time…Read more »


Photo by fotografierende on Unsplash Come and go but the love that one feels for their family and friends stays burning all year-long. The rooms are full of laughter and happiness and new memories are being formed to carry on to the new year. In hopes that the new year will give them more chances…Read more »