the love Where’s the passion. Everything feels like an unanswered question these days. I don’t know what it is I’m looking for but I know when I find it. It will outshine everything I’ve been going through lately. The stress the pain and the frustration won’t be a big deal anymore. Everything that seemed so…Read more »


is something I find myself in lately with nothing but work and sleep and sometimes eating to look forward too. I begin to lose sight of what I’m truly looking forward to, for the dreams are so faded away that I don’t know what I’m working for anymore. For you can have your money and…Read more »

I thought

I knew what I wanted and as I write this all down I just don’t know if I do anymore. Something has shifted inside of me and everything that meant something just leads to nothing but an dead-end. I keep moving forward for I have faith that it will all turn around and maybe everything…Read more »


lost my voice and everywhere I look leads me to a dead-end. I just want to find it soon Or I will disappear from your mind like the words I wrote yesterday. My voice I tried so hard to hold on to you but now that your gone I’m just so tired and helpless without…Read more »

How did I

Get here when everything seemed so much brighter On the other side. I didn’t see it coming the smoke was so thick once it surrounded me. The person I used to be became so small that you couldn’t find me in the bite size of dust all around me. I was lost and my only…Read more »