Captive by your words!

Free Flow Friday with Laura Stuck on what to write you should check out free flow Friday by clicking on this link: Free Flow Friday!   Captive by your words as I sit down and read a good book and completely zone out as I get sucked in to each page.  As the story unfolds rightContinue reading “Captive by your words!”

Daily Prompt: Flee

I want to flee from writing this post for nothing is inspiring me to write right now. Like the excitement of something new to write about just killed the creativity flowing through my mind and, so I stare at an empty screen for far too long. Knowing nothing great was coming out of me thisContinue reading “Daily Prompt: Flee”

Daily Prompt: Façade

Her facade was beautiful but the truth of who she was In the inside was nothing close to beautiful. But she used her looks to get people to like her but her words Would burn them  up so fast. They couldn’t prepare themselves for the pain that was so strong It felt like they wereContinue reading “Daily Prompt: Façade”