Daily Prompt: Survive

I just want to survive the days and years that seem to hard.

But, I don’t want to survive them just to make it by each day with no life lesson learned.

I want to feel every emotion and live in every moment.

Even when those moments aren’t so great and I just want them to get better.

And they will only in time, so I have to keep surviving to see what more this life can offer me.

I will survive for me and walk slowly through the journey I am on.

For I don’t want to miss seeing the wonders before me.

For when it is time for me to go I want to feel like I conquered more than just a few things.

I want to look back and say I survived it all and God was on that walk with me and without him my chances were slim.



Written By: Deirdre Stokes


Daily Prompt: Survive


The words

are consistently running through my mind and as much as I want them to come out

they won’t.

Just like you won’t reach out and say something to me, the last words we said to each other will be the final last words.

And I would be sad about it but how long can I be sad about something I have no control over.

I’m so tired that I just want the words to come out and for you to hear them and for that to be end of this issue.

But, it’s like I keep talking myself down and so the words just go back inside a locked¬†space inside my mind until next time.

But, as days go by I fear there will be no next time and maybe we wasted too much time ignoring the things in front of us.

That we didn’t see our time running out and as the days go on a reminder goes off somewhere saying our time has expired and everything left unsaid.

Has no ears to hear and no mouth to be spoken from it’s just gone.

And I feel nothing now and the words locked inside of me just become forgotten and unimportant as I start to more on in life.



Written By: Deirdre Stokes






Daily Prompt: Catapult

That morning I didn’t expect to be catapulted out of your life.

As you told me off it felt like you had just launched me into the air.

And as I was high above everything, all the memories of our time together played through my head.

And when you were done talking and walked away it all came crashing down.

I felt the weight of your words crash me into nothing.

The person I used to be was gone and who I became next was a stranger to myself.

I was trapped in a body that was no longer me but I had nowhere to go.

And, so I had to accept this new journey I was about to take or I’d waste away into nothing but an empty shell.


Written By: Deirdre Stokes


Daily Prompt: Catapult


Daily Prompt: Unmoored

I had drifted away from things in my life for far too long

it was time to release my archer.

And stay in one spot for just a while so that I could catch my breath

and to slow down my racing mind.

So for once I could have my thoughts in order and to clear away the things

that didn’t need to be in my life and on my mind.

I needed the moments after this one to be great and profound and to not

be the same like before.

I had to find my way to a new point in my life that would be stable and reliable

because If I didn’t get it together for myself.

Things would not play out the way the need to and the ending would be less worth the wait.


Written By: Deirdre Stokes


Daily Prompt: Unmoored


Do I

say sorry when I’ve led you into my heart only to throw you out when my heart doesn’t want or need to be loved anymore.

Do I start to shut down because I’ve been shut out by others

Did I make a mistake by letting others into my life only to be hurt and somehow broken for a lifetime.

How do I just accept this new life when it feels so lonely and hopeless sometimes.

Should I spend my time crying for people who have long forgotten me or do I stand strong and move on and close myself off. 

Or do I just keep opening myself up and trust that not everyone is the same and this time maybe it will be different.

I guess sometimes in life taking a risk can truly be life changing.

The smile I wear on my face now is not fake anymore for it’s genuinely showing how I feel inside and outside.

Maybe I was living this thing called life the wrong way and now that my path seems brighter.

I too can feel more alive and free from the hold of keep things and people around far too long.


Written By: Deirdre Stokes



Free Flow Friday

With Laura its been a long time since I did this but I’m excited to do this prompt



Photos By: Laura

I surrender to the unknown for I don’t want to keep looking over my shoulder out of fear that it’s all going to go down hill soon.

I want to embrace my fears and take risks with a smile on my face and I don’t want to stop living life to it’s fullest because tomorrow may not be promised to me.

I won’t let anything hold me back and so each day I’m leaving it all on the floor for if I dont surrender myself to it all today what if tomorrow doesn’t come and I don’t want to ever regret not telling you the truth.

So accept what I have to say for at the end of the day things could end great or they could just end.

I want to know that I surrendered it all and left it all behind as I follow God to a higher place.

I want to know that I wrote my heart out and that every word that came out of my mind was received and helped in ways that are known and unknown to me.

Written By: Deirdre Stokes


I’m surrendering to…..