sometimes doesn’t make things better in the end. The words that slipped from your lips that day feel like something you read in a book. I didn’t think you really meant the words that came out your mouth because I thought all you wanted was for me to stay. You’ve shown me that your words…Read more »


Here not knowing how to feel or think. As I blindly go through life not really seeing the beauty in it all anymore. So dark I can’t tell morning from night anymore. Hoping this experience changes and doesn’t last for much later. Stumbling around knocking into everything well trying to get away from it all.…Read more »


want to come out and create something more because life is sometimes stressful. And you want to escape into something just for a little while. To forget all your troubles and focus on someone else or just to see some good in the world. You  want to read or see something that doesn’t break your…Read more »

You would

Photo by Candice Picard on Unsplash never know the things that I’ve been going through since I’ve always been put together with nothing out-of-place. I’ve always been so strong and put together because who else was going to carry me through this storm I’ve been living in. Every morning drinking my apple cider has always…Read more »


we have to let go to let something new in. Things have been building up and you let it go because you just don’t have anywhere else to go. You’ve been awaken from this nightmare to realize that reality isn’t a dream and all that is going on around you is real and true and…Read more »