Music from

photo by Yanko Peyankov via Unsplash the past sometimes is the best for there may be this sound that you don’t hear today in the things that you like now. To hear a song that was before my time or a childhood favorite just brings back some great memories and makes me think of how…Read more »

I’ve been on

Photo by Ingmar Hoogerhoud on Unsplash on this path for way too long. The journey to dealing with the same stuff all over again and again. Could make even the nicest person a little bitter or maybe a lot. For in the path you see so much and experience just as much but, when you…Read more »

Let’s make

Photo by Joshua Ellish on Unsplash a wish that November will be better than October and that we will enjoy this month for the year is truly almost over as December is coming up and then the hope things just keep going up for us is all we want. Time is running out and we…Read more »