stand for so much more than the girl you see in the window each day. I am more than the woman you see at work. The woman you see outside of work. The woman you see standing in the rain. The woman fighting the storms as they come from each direction in her life. More…Read more »


Photo by Tom Grimbert (@tomgrimbert) on Unsplash was always just one way to you and as I drove away from it that day I knew it would hurt and the amount of time it would take to get away would be so long. Days and nights I thought of that road and how much I…Read more »


Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash we are taught to do but don’t always practice because we see something that makes us judge one another. And as you wonder should you give this person a chance for they are sometimes really nasty and unfair. They play the victim too much and in the end you…Read more »

I know

Photo by Kirill Palii on Unsplash that when I open my eyes the quite and peaceful thoughts are not going to stay around. When negativity can be around the corner at every turn I make. Even though I know a bad moment can appear so quickly, I know that it’s just a moment it’s over…Read more »


Photo by Marion Michele on Unsplash how I needed to see this beautiful pink sky with a rainbow shining so brightly. For lately things have been a little to down for me. All I wanted to do was smile and laugh and be at ease when it comes to the life that I live and…Read more »


Photo by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash go of winter and letting spring in as the days  get warmer and the layers start to fall off. To be able to breathe in the fresh air and to feel the warmth from the sun on my skin. I know the warmth comes with many rainy days but…Read more »


Three Line Tales, Week 164 photo by Danny G  been a while since it’s just been us two alone in this moment of just driving down the road in search of a new location. A new view to look out and in these moments be grateful that our love is still holding on for there have…Read more »