Photo by Filip Gielda Storm here you come to make an already cold day colder and wetter than before, I don’t know if you care but we don’t want this storm or need it either. We hope it just quickly ends and we can move on to spring for we got the cold weather and…Read more »

The Joy

Photo by Michael Dam on Unsplash in me sometimes is hard to see. But, when it comes out my laughter and smile is contagious and it’s just hard to not join along. The joy that feels me up like a child on Christmas morning so excited to open up their gifts as if those gifts…Read more »


photo by Harpal Singh via Unsplash it’s the past  that brings a smile on your face once again letting you know that even though adulthood isn’t what you thought it was. It’s not time to give up but, the time to look back and think about what you thought would be your dream today if…Read more »


100 Word Wednesday: Week 95 Photo by NeONBRAND We were so much alive with so much energy to go around. We didn’t mind sharing our time with those that we love and care about. We didn’t have a moment when we didn’t have anything to say to one another for we really just enjoyed spending…Read more »

The time

has finally come where I step out of the anger and stop letting the red rule my life. And step into the green and allow for the go of positive and to approve things I know will make my life easier and better. It’s time to put my caution yellow sign to the wind and…Read more »

Like my

Photo by Boudewijn Huysmans   Childhood you were left in the past for I didn’t need to hold you anymore when my days were hard and I just couldn’t understand how cruel people could be.  I knew that the day would come when I could hand this all without the comfort you provided for me. …Read more »

What is going

100 WORD WEDNESDAY WEEK 93 Photo by Jenni Jones    on that instead of learning we are trashing the place where we can take ourselves to a place where we can expand our minds and find ourselves.  To step out of our little bubble of comfort and meet new people and express ourselves more without…Read more »