Week 172 of Three Line Tales photo by Form via Unsplash  center after such a long week wasn’t easy and I feel it still isn’t as I stand on this roof. Trying to shut out all the words and sounds around me as I focus on what I love to do and not get lose in…Read more »

Oh how

Image by Adriana Velásquez  I love to start my day with a great book to read well attempting to eat breakfast. I know that I can get lost in a good book and maybe eating breakfast and reading are not all that great of an idea but, I just can’t help myself. Walking past the…Read more »


Photo by Mehrdad Haghighi on Unsplash I don’t want to hide  I just want it all out in the open.  But, would that leave me feeling too vulnerable  or will it be just what I needed in the first place.  I guess I won’t ever know if I don’t get up and do  something about…Read more »

Right now

I am so vulnerable that I just want to cry as life throws so many demands my way. I know that I have to make a decision soon for later is not something I want to think about.  I just have so much high hopes that I will get out of this place and find…Read more »


Three Line Tales, Week 168 photo by Melody Jacob via Unsplash bright morning is going to be a good day as I relax next to my car as I take a moment to savor the day. For it looks like it’s going to be a good day with no clouds insight, just clear sky’s all…Read more »


a manikin I felt so naked that day in front of all those people when the words I needed to say would not come out. And there you were looking so calm in the front row sit smiling up at me and encouraging me with your smile to continue on and to not give up…Read more »


Image by Bikurgurl with me and lets travel from place to place in hope to find some great moments to capture together. So many we will take in and so many we will snap pictures of in hopes to keep around for a long time. Maybe we will put them all in a book and…Read more »