October is almost here!

100 Word Wednesday: Week 37 Image Credit Bikurgurl October is almost here the month of Halloween the one time of year everyone wants to dress up. And celebrate and create something spooky or cool so here I am creating this cool skeleton jelly. I didn’t think it would turn out so great and even better it…Read more »

You shined so bright

Three Line Tales (TLT) is a challenge put forth by Only 100 Words. The Challenge is to write a three-line tale for the supplied image. Here is my take for the Week Number Fifth-Two : It had been a long time since I’ve seen you shine so bright when he said goodbye to you years ago I…Read more »


I am Sometimes I don’t have much to say. In silence I stand watching the world around me. Not much to say as I disappear into my mind and think before I say something. But, at the same time I like the quite moments when no one is making a sound. And all is quiet…Read more »