Let’s make

Photo by Joshua Ellish on Unsplash a wish that November will be better than October and that we will enjoy this month for the year is truly almost over as December is coming up and then the hope things just keep going up for us is all we want. Time is running out and we…Read more »

Its time

 to move forward with my head up high and my feet moving with urgency. In the hope that things will workout for me. This week has been long and tiring and so stressful that I just wanted to scream. I’m so tired I don’t want to get back up as my body aches and my…Read more »

This is

the moment I’ve been waiting for and yet this year it doesn’t have the same spark as it had last year. But, here I am trying to make the best out of everything as I know the day will soon be over. And then it will be Tuesday and that will be it but let’s…Read more »

I stand

 Here wondering if I’m making the right move. If I shouldn’t just leave too and worry about the consequences later on. But, the truth is I want out so badly that I will risk it all to make it out in one piece in the end. I know that it is time to go and…Read more »

Today proved

That anything is possible and now it’s time to celebrate. You are free and soon the headaches and stress will not be on your side anymore. You will be able to do so much more because you just have to believe In yourself. I know great things are happening for you and soon so much…Read more »