I  don’t like that  they all start to step one foot out the door leaving me behind with both feet still in place still thinking I still have time before my   hope really fails me. I won’t be still here when things get bad for I have to do something for me and I…Read more »


won’t keep hiding from you if you would just open up. Just let me come in as it heats up outside and the spring weather blows through. let’s be like a nice day outside sharing the breeze and the sun shine as we begin to connect again. And feel at peace as a beautiful melody…Read more »


leader you think you are but, yet as I look around and see the ones fighting this battle with me. I know you are not one of them as you stand on the sidelines pretending to be involved. And when we are receiving praises you are the first one to say thanks as if you…Read more »


letting it all out for what’s the point in keeping it all inside. My story and maybe your story needs to be told but, only if you want too. Sharing can be delightful and well sometimes scary but, what’s the point in living if you don’t face the fear and jump in anyways. When you…Read more »


Photo by Xavi Cabrera on Unsplash a moment in the past when splashing in a puddle was funny and the mess was not something you worried about. Now you are responsible for another little human and taking the time to have this fun in the puddle is a moment you want to live again. When…Read more »


Photo by Clarinta Subrata on Unsplash toast to the journey ahead of us and to the path were leaving behind because without that path we wouldn’t be heading in the directions we are today. Feeling of finally knowing where were supposed to be going and how great it feels too. To know that this path…Read more »


was bringing completely unreasonable that day when she didn’t get her way for one you didn’t listen to what you had to say. Two she choose to try to use you everyday because she felt she could and she would be able to for a lot longer than she did. She had absolute no problem…Read more »