for the words that need to be said.  But, my mouth just won’t open up  so that I can tell you the truth.  I’m tired of holding and hiding it inside anymore  I feel like the unknown is here and I just can’t make sense of what is going on.  I want to say something…Read more »


Photo by Annie Marek-Barta on Unsplash is what I’m looking for today. I hope that everything will work out today for I know it will be a long day. Hoping I can get inside the house before the rain starts pouring down. Hoping that even though Summer is soon to end that I did enough…Read more »

Hold on

Photo by Chris Yang on Unsplash   for things will start to look up soon  I know right now things seem so hard that holding on any longer just seems impossible.  But, I’m here to tell you the pain you are feeling will be worth it at the end of this trial you are going…Read more »


Photo by Aaron Mello on Unsplash   of you on this cold morning as I stand here  my mind is full of sorrow of the times we had together and now there over.  I know when I leave this spot and go back to the house we both used to call home  you will be…Read more »

These Stairs

Image by Bikurgurl   I take every day to get to the path I run on.  The path that leads me away from my troubles and pains and towards the only time when it just me.  My thoughts are clear as everything fades away as I run and run until there is nothing left clinging…Read more »

I sit

here simply wondering when things will fall back in place as everything around me seems so dark. I wonder if a storm is coming and if it will wash away my sorrows and as it does will the joy and cheer be restored in me. Will I gain back the strength I  had or will…Read more »