I need

for my words to reach you when I can’t reach you.

You stand there all alone as if you have no one on your side anymore, maybe you don’t reach out anymore because those hands that used to hold you dear.

Loosen up the hold on you and you slipped into a place you never thought you would end up in.

A tunnel that you walked alone at least that’s what you felt at first, everything you thought was the right path for you left you still feeling empty and unsatisfied.

You begun to search for the answer to what it was or who it was you were missing, it turns out you were missing a big chunk of your life line.

And once you had it, you couldn’t stop praising it and some understand the love you have for your god.

Well others respect that’s what you believe but, choose to live another way and as much as you want them to live your way.

You let them live for what they choose to live for but, that does not mean you don’t pray for them any less than you do for those who believe too.

You decided that day that you found your voice again and you won’t be quite for what if just one word or poem could help someone reach out and do what they love to do or decide they  are worth staying in the world.

And their light is needed just as much as yours is, this is not the end but the beginning to so much more.

The struggle is there no matter who you are but, it’s the way you handle it that will help you to survive and be happy and strong again.


Written By: Deirdre Stokes



Daily Prompt:Fabric

The sound of ripping fabric was loud in my ear as you ripped your shirt to bandage up my arm from the fall I took earlier.

I said I was sorry for ruining one of your shirts but you said it was nothing for helping me was worth it.

Seeing me in pain was worst than ripping up a shirt that could be easily be replaced but I was irreplaceable in your eyes.

That day may have not started off great with me being so clumsy but, it surely ended on a good night.

As I sat on my pouch watching and listening to nature as we sipped on some hot chocolate as the wind blew all around us.

The moon was so bright and the stars were few but, we both enjoyed the sound of peace and even though we knew the quiet wouldn’t last long we enjoyed the time we had with it.



Written By: Deirdre Stokes


Daily Prompt: Fabric



the window shades and let in the light because I’ve been lost in the dark for so long.

I know that I’ve been lost but, I didn’t want to be found because coming back to this place.

Brings nothing but pain and the light hurts my eyes for all around I see the truth and it’s nothing but ugly.

I’ve never wanted to run away so fast in my life, I don’t care if  I’m running blindly right now.

I just know that I have to get away and breath again and laugh until it hurts and just be in the moment.

I want to face it all but, at the same time I’ve come to learn that walking away is better option sometimes.




Written By: Deirdre Stokes



Daily Prompt: Premonition

I strong feeling that something was about to happen but, I just couldn’t figure it out.

All day I watched for the signs that something was about to happen and I just knew it wouldn’t be anything good. 

I held my breath when I saw him and that feeling rained down on me that it was about to happen and as I stood there frozen out of fear. 

It happened so fast that I thought I was seeing things but, then I heard the screams and clapping as you kneeled down in front of me. 

Asking me to spend the rest of my life with you.

In that moment I knew the fear was more of me thinking something bad was going to happen because good moments were so rare for me. 

I couldn’t have predicted this moment and yet I wouldn’t change it for the world. 


Written By: Deirdre Stokes


Daily Prompt: Premonition



trying to be rude but, I just need to tell you the truth right now for I just can’t hold my tongue anymore. 

This is not working out for me and as I smile in your face well I truly die more inside than anything I’ve ever faced in my life. 

You are the bad to my good and I no longer want to be apart of your wrong. 

I feel so strong but, to be truthful I am a mess as I walk through these doors and I come undone because you are my worst nightmare. 

There is not one nice thing I can say about you right now and so I will let you have it all because well that’s just how I am now. 

I don’t have a care in the world that well I’m hurting your feelings but, the pain you have put me through just overrides the kindness in my heart and I just can’t stand to be weak anymore. 

I will be strong and I will stand strong and I won’t back down even if the outcome is not good. 

For I’ve not felt this so alive in over a year now and well I’m done and I just don’t know how to say my goodbye even though I happy that it will end soon. 

The tears that I’ve been holding back well they are flowing down my face faster than I can handle but I know this end is something that had to happen. 

I hope you accept my goodbye and as we both move on, I hope nothing but the best for you. 

But, I won’t be your fool anymore. 



Written By: Deirdre Stokes




creeping up on me sometimes feels scary and unknown. 

But, sometimes the shadows that are behind you are not as scary when they are your own. 

The shadow of us pulls away as we stand outside your door talking about what a great night we had. 

Not wanting to go inside yet, for that would mean the night was over and we both never wanted it to end. 

So much had happen and now we just couldn’t accept that it could end this way. 

But, eventually we said goodbye and I hoped to see you again soon and even though you asked and I said yes nothing in this life is guaranteed. 

For once something good is happening to me and I’m looking forward to the unknown that is coming my way. 




Written By: Deirdre Stokes



Left here

Free Flow Friday with Laura 

Prompt: Raw

I’m left here feeling these raw emotions of what just happened and I begin to wonder why was I spared when so many lives were lost.

What had they thought before the bullet took their lives and in that moment before fate decided it was their time to go.

Did they wish they had more time or did they just feel sad for the ones that they left behind.

I feel sad for the ones that loss their life that day and I feel sorry for the ones that survived because the pain of watching people you knew fall around you.

The feeling of fear running through you now and that feeling of happiness and safe now ripped from you innocent hands.

Nothing will be the same as you walk down those halls or go about your day, maybe you won’t have nightmares.

But, some will dream about that day and it will haunt them for the rest of their life.

This moment won’t be just one day it will be something that you remember for a lifetime, you will always question that day.

I was left here to say what those that didn’t make wanted to say and in this moment  I am sad that the world is meeting me because of this tragic moment that changed not only my life but others as well.

When does the tragic moment end and life becomes peaceful again, a question I know no one has an answer to right now or back then.

To watch this world fall apart because of gun violence and no hope seems to becoming soon enough.

I pray it all stops soon but, without some action nothing will become of this and we will be reading about another tragic moment again soon.

But, I pray so hard that, that moment doesn’t happen but this world is cruel and we can’t control the actions of others.

So let’s start watching for the signs that may help us stop them before things get too far, for too many young people are dying because of this problem.

That hurts more than the people who live in that town, their hurt carries on to many as they pray for comfort and strength for those who families lost someone so precious to them.




Written By: Deirdre Stokes