We don’t

know why somethings just don’t turnout so well but, I don’t want to give up on things I know will workout in the end. Even when the beginning feels like a disaster waiting to happen and the outcome doesn’t even look like it will make it past noon. I know that I must keep my…Read more »


wasn’t the way things were supposed to go. Oh how I’ve heard that so many times lately but, yet here I am still here stuck in a place that does not appreciate all that I do for it. I try to be the bigger person and do all that I can do but there comes…Read more »

Like a

rose you are beautiful some days it’s just nice to look at you and see how far you have grown. Some days I just want to be close to you and in those moments everything seem so magical. Some days being near you hurt as you thorns poke me as I’ve seen to get too…Read more »

In this

Moment I had this feeling of overcoming everything that was holding me back. No more feeling of how much more can I take before o break. The truth is they broke me a long time go and now nothing feels the same. Until, today when all that hard work that played off and all the…Read more »

Oh light

Shine down on me today as my day begins For I need you now. To light my way and to pull me from the darkness that calls me sometimes. I want to stand still and wait out the storm that is coming my way.  There is barely a sense of peace as I wander through…Read more »


for the words that need to be said.  But, my mouth just won’t open up  so that I can tell you the truth.  I’m tired of holding and hiding it inside anymore  I feel like the unknown is here and I just can’t make sense of what is going on.  I want to say something…Read more »