I rather be right now than here in the darkness that swallows me whole with no exit insight. I sit here trying to think of a way out because it feels like I’m suffocating on all that is pushing up against me. This solution is not an answer to my situation and so I’m back…Read more »

I walk

in and I see you and it’s like being hit with a brick wall these emotions of sadness wash over me like. Someone close to me is gone and I can’t seem to figure out what is going on and so I quickly disappear inside. As I let myself fade into the background and this…Read more »

Where’s my support team at!

Where were you when I needed your support? There isn’t a day that goes by that the sadness that is now occupying the space that used to be the joy you bring. They say it’s hard to kick an addiction or to do something like depression on your own. But, what do you do when…Read more »


The words always seem to sting and make you feel like your best wasn’t enough. And so the doubt crawls in and makes everything seem to slow down and you don’t worry so much or care for nothing is going to improve right now. Maybe a break is needed for you were rejected for a…Read more »

Daily Prompt: Glass

Life is like glass, sometimes it gets broken into little pieces. And as you sweep up the mess to move on for better things. You may miss some pieces and so the memories stay with you for lifetime. As a reminder to not make the same mistake again. But some pieces of glass stay stuck…Read more »

Am I living

A lie  when I smile on the outside  but I want to cry in the inside. Am I giving up when I don’t text you no more but then wait a minute did you even notice I stopped months go? I know it’s not right to keep all bottled up inside. But who should I tell if…Read more »

The overload

So much space between us that everything seems so unreal as time goes on. And I’m left empty-handed and the longer this goes on the longer I fall apart. But every time I see you I try to put on a brave face and stand straight and put a smile on my face. And hide…Read more »