I’m just me and your just you!

I see you and your smile captures me And I fall just a little bit inside. But I take my time to figure you out So I truly know who’ve I’ve fallen for. Things  start out like a dream that I’ve Been able to live in everyday, oh lucky me. Soon reality kicks in andContinue reading “I’m just me and your just you!”

My moment, my memory!

It’s Saturday but here is  yesterdays Free flow Fridays with Laura again! You can find this weeks writing prompt on her website: Free Flow Fridays I’m so excited to see what I can come up with for this exercise. This moment, how my  excitement of seeming this water flowing so beautifully. I guess that day was excitingContinue reading “My moment, my memory!”

My first nomination!

I’m honored and surprised to be getting nominated yesterday! So thank you Liz for nominating me for The versatile  bloggers  award. You should checkout Liz blog Little house in Missouri, I stumbled onto her blog one day and I’m very happy I did. Her page is lovely and worth a read about her life. The guidelines for accepting this nominationContinue reading “My first nomination!”

How I became content with my life!

There’s nothing more that I would need For I know I’m content with everything I have. As I sit here and I close my eyes it all falls away and I’m content with what I have again for I feel your warmth God. And you tell me to just let go and let you takeContinue reading “How I became content with my life!”

Finally at my fullest!

I feel like I’ve been missing me And as the  music pours in I’ve awaken. From this fog called distraction that had me fooled that I was living to my fullest. The days that seem so good, just seem like they could have been better. With the light shining down on me, what a joyful feelingContinue reading “Finally at my fullest!”