Daily Prompt: Elegant

She floated by me with so much grace you would think she had been a ballerina. So much confidants radiating off of her as she walks on and smiles at one of her friends. As they laugh about something and continue to talk her friend gets a phone call and says she has to go.Continue reading “Daily Prompt: Elegant”

Daily Prompt: Unstoppable

The words flowing through my mind are unstoppable. And as my pen hits the paper what needs to come out is unstoppable and unbreakable. It all just seems  so amazing that I can’t stop smiling and the feeling is contagious. Each word touching one person leads to another until there is no one left toContinue reading “Daily Prompt: Unstoppable”

A stroll through life with my mother!

My mother has been there for me Every step I take in life. From the day I was born to my first word, step. And as I started to take my first stroll through Life my mother was there, with great nurture. My mother taught me to trust myself and know I am Beautiful becauseContinue reading “A stroll through life with my mother!”