Daily Prompt: Together

Together we’re unstoppable

two peas in a pod.

Our smiles are always so bright and laugher is never to far behind.

Even when we grow apart and live our lives two different ways.

I’m sure if we came back together it would seem different but we would embrace the growth we did apart.

I will always support you even when you forget me but at some part of our life we were meant to be best friends.

Now what we are is not so defined but that doesn’t mean I don’t care.

Together in our childhood memories and now so far apart but still I cheer for you.

My forever childhood friend, forever my other sister.


Written By: Deirdre Stokes



Where’s my support team at!

Where were you when I needed your support?
There isn’t a day that goes by that the sadness that is now occupying the space that used to be the joy you bring.
They say it’s hard to kick an addiction or to do something like depression on your own.
But, what do you do when the people who were your support team is gone.
Not a phone call or email returned.
How long are you to wait for them to care again?
Yea we all have lives to live but when is it okay to stop caring for one either.
When do we wonder if they are okay or when do we notice they are different from before.
Or that’s strange she doesn’t usually reach out to me so many times in one week.
When did becoming an adult meant we left people behind.
Yea it can be true that some friendships don’t make it pass seven years or some don’t need to communicate so often.
But, when one reaches out can’t you at least reach back even if it’s days or weeks later.
At least they will know you tried!


Written By: Deirdre Stokes 



If Only

I could find a way to the path I’m meant to be on now.

So I didn’t feel so lost on any given day.

To have hope that it will all workout and maybe it does.

But, what is to come up next?

A question no one can answer for me can’t predict tomorrow.

But, we can feel when the decisions we are making feel right even the ones that scary us the most.

Sometimes there is a release of relief that things worked out or at least  the weight of that problem is off my shoulders.

My path has just begun and maybe one day I’ll make it to the end.

The path that is so unknown I can’t imagine what it will be like but, I know I won’t be lost anymore.


Written By: Deirdre Stokes





I want to be reckless and get lost in you

to feel my hair in the wind.

I want to stand in the rain with you and focus on nothing but you as the rain washing over us.

To have the moments when time doesn’t matter or exist because were together.

To wake up in the morning  knowing it was not just a dream but,this is how my life will be for a life time.

For I’m yours and your mine and together we will always have our reckless, silly moments together.


Written By: Deirdre Stokes




Am I living

A lie 

when I smile on the outside 

but I want to cry in the inside.

Am I giving up when I don’t text you no more but then wait a minute did you even notice I stopped months go?

I know it’s not right to keep all bottled up inside.

But who should I tell if you’re not the one listening?

No one will understand the message meant for you but you!

But you’re not an option and so what do I do when I’m stuck and answers won’t come.

Do I hide or stand out in plain sight and let whoever see the pain leaking out for first time in their eyes.

Or do I pretend to be  some more to be someone I used to be or maybe never was. 

Maybe you will figure it out but maybe you won’t and it won’t matter because the who I used to be to you is gone.

So I hope it won’t be hard for you to forget me, for I’m already gone.


Written By:Deirdre Stokes


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How we connected and kept Connecting!

 Photo courtesy of Photos by Laura


I didn’t know we would connect this way

for I didn’t think we would end up being friends.

But for some reason I wanted to be your friend so bad

for the connection between us was strong before I truly

knew you.

And then we bonded over something we both were dealing with,

and knowing someone else was struggling like I was seemed to help.

Me be strong and continue on.

Over time the friendship grew and you were like family to me

and when we were apart  the connection was still strong.

Even when the connection was strain, nothing truly could make

it break and as we grew up the connection changed, but we still

seem to connect even when our lives take us on different path.


Written By: Deirdre Stokes


Free Flow Fridays with Laura topic was Lets-connect

#MayBook Prompt

I’m just me and your just you!

I see you and your smile captures me

And I fall just a little bit inside.

But I take my time to figure you out

So I truly know who’ve I’ve fallen for.

Things  start out like a dream that I’ve

Been able to live in everyday, oh lucky me.

Soon reality kicks in and everything takes a

rough spin and nothing seems to be able to stop

This pain  that has no end.

And when it ends, sadness is over flowing but

Soon your words left behind give me strength.

To go on with a smile on my face and a laugh

Waiting to escape my lips again one day.

But today is bright, and I owe it all to the time

I had with you.


Written By: Deirdre Stokes


For the#MayBookPrompt-The fault in our  stars





Every Friday Writting Prompts:Free Writing timer

My moment, my memory!

It’s Saturday but here is  yesterdays Free flow Fridays with Laura again! You can find this weeks writing prompt on her website: Free Flow Fridays I’m so excited to see what I can come up with for this exercise.


This moment, how my  excitement of seeming

this water flowing so beautifully.

I guess that day was exciting and was a great memory of friends that are dear to me.

Like this river the memories of that day has floated away and every now and then

I look over my pictures of that day and I remember how I felt in that moment.

The excitement was overwhelming and filled me with joy a moment, a memory I will

store away in a folder for another day.


Written By: Deirdre Stokes Registered & Protected 





No Fear In You Then!

You dived right in

Like danger didn’t exist to you.

You came up for air with a smile on your face

So innocent you were that day.

That innocence I loved is long gone for

You now see the world for what it is.

A place where danger exist and fear grows daily.

But you know there are good things in this world

Too, like joy and laughter and love.

And one day you will dive right back in

again and  come up with a smile on your face again.


Written By: Deirdre Stokes Registered & Protected