Daily Prompt: Together

Together we’re unstoppable two peas in a pod. Our smiles are always so bright and laugher is never to far behind. Even when we grow apart and live our lives two different ways. I’m sure if we came back together it would seem different but we would embrace the growth we did apart. I will alwaysContinue reading “Daily Prompt: Together”

How we connected and kept Connecting!

 Photo courtesy of Photos by Laura   I didn’t know we would connect this way for I didn’t think we would end up being friends. But for some reason I wanted to be your friend so bad for the connection between us was strong before I truly knew you. And then we bonded over somethingContinue reading “How we connected and kept Connecting!”

I’m just me and your just you!

I see you and your smile captures me And I fall just a little bit inside. But I take my time to figure you out So I truly know who’ve I’ve fallen for. Things  start out like a dream that I’ve Been able to live in everyday, oh lucky me. Soon reality kicks in andContinue reading “I’m just me and your just you!”

My moment, my memory!

It’s Saturday but here is  yesterdays Free flow Fridays with Laura again! You can find this weeks writing prompt on her website: Free Flow Fridays I’m so excited to see what I can come up with for this exercise. This moment, how my  excitement of seeming this water flowing so beautifully. I guess that day was excitingContinue reading “My moment, my memory!”

No Fear In You Then!

You dived right in Like danger didn’t exist to you. You came up for air with a smile on your face So innocent you were that day. That innocence I loved is long gone for You now see the world for what it is. A place where danger exist and fear grows daily. But youContinue reading “No Fear In You Then!”