Do you hear

me here as I sit here to wait for you to arrive, repeating each word out loud until I remember each word. I know that if this speech doesn’t go right it won’t just embarrasses me but you too and I just don’t think I can let my failure be yours too. I woke up this morning…Read more »

I wish

I had all the answers for you then maybe life wouldn’t be such a disappointment for you. To shield you from the things that just eat me up inside when you hurt, it hurts me the most. For you to survive and truly live this life I feel like I have to journey through the…Read more »

The Truth

is I’m trying to be okay with the change that is coming but, I too have my limits and lately it’s like I’m at them and yet I still want to keep going and not give up. But, I’m aching and the relieve that I am looking for its not happening fast enough for me.…Read more »

I’m true

to you with my words and my emotions being poured on this paper today. Tomorrow will be a new day for me and hopefully you will join me on this new adventure. That may take us both away from the one’s we love just see what the world has out there for us. For were…Read more »