Talking to you

always is worth the wait, I know we don’t talk as much anymore and I don’t know how you feel about that.  But, life is throwing so much at both of us that the time when we could probably talk just doesn’t happen for we both end up just being too tired.  So days haveContinue reading “Talking to you”

Daily Prompt: Faint

The voices of the people I thought would stay in my life for a long time became faint as I walk away that day. I didn’t remember what they said to me but my heart still feels a little empty from the piece of me they took that night. They didn’t even see me walkContinue reading “Daily Prompt: Faint”

Daily Prompt: Express

Please express how you feel before I walk out that door I’ve waited for so long trying to have patience because I wanted to give you space. But, in the end it didn’t even work out because now I just can’t stand by and have you sometimes show me how you feel and other timesContinue reading “Daily Prompt: Express”

Realizing it’s not over yet

100 Word Wednesday: Week 33 Image credit: Bikurgurl, 2017 Capturing all the moments spent with my friends these last couple of days  has me thinking about how much I’ve missed from their lives. Because I was trying so hard to keep my own life together and now that I’m with them I can’t imangine what myContinue reading “Realizing it’s not over yet”