I believe

On this sunny day You were sent to me to make me smile Throughout my day even when you are not around. I know now that you are an angel sent to Look out for me and I appreciate you always asking about me. I know now even if I don’t see you again you…Read more »


won’t keep hiding from you if you would just open up. Just let me come in as it heats up outside and the spring weather blows through. let’s be like a nice day outside sharing the breeze and the sun shine as we begin to connect again. And feel at peace as a beautiful melody…Read more »


Photo by MAU Productions LLC on Unsplash are friends and yes we are different in so many ways but the similarities are few but together we are always one. We have our own style and our own smiles and dreams and hopes and we support one another because one day we may not be holding…Read more »


last thing that I want to do is hurt you but how long can we drag this on. I keep thinking about what I’m going to say to you but yet at the last-minute I just close the message. And overtime I will forget and move on and maybe I will be just too busy…Read more »

Three Line Tales, Week 154

Week 154 of Three Line Tales. photo by Nattu Adnan via Unsplash As a child the simple act of jumping to rock to rock with nothing but joy on our minds and nothing in the world was able to touch you at these times. You laughed and you felt full with joy and happiness and it…Read more »