Photo by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash go of winter and letting spring in as the days  get warmer and the layers start to fall off. To be able to breathe in the fresh air and to feel the warmth from the sun on my skin. I know the warmth comes with many rainy days but…Read more »


Three Line Tales, Week 164 photo by Danny G  been a while since it’s just been us two alone in this moment of just driving down the road in search of a new location. A new view to look out and in these moments be grateful that our love is still holding on for there have…Read more »


Want me to do more and get out of here and expand the beauty of where I am now. To see something other than the four walls around me. I know I need to live a little more and be in moments where joy and excitement is all I feel before exhaustion takes over. I…Read more »

I knew

Photo by Karl JK Hedin on Unsplash I needed this vacation more now than ever and as I arrived in this place so beautiful with such relaxing vibes all around. I knew the feeling inside of me would be healed and hopefully by the time it was time to head back things will be easier…Read more »


Three Line Tales, Week 162 photo by Clem Onojeghuo via Unsplash read today is not the question running through your head right now but, what to read when there is so much to choose from right in front of me right now. To be able to get lost in words that will touch your soul and…Read more »


do I know this moment this second is where I’m supposed to be. Am I doing the right thing because it feels like what I need to do because if I’m truly being honest it all just feels like a waste of time and energy to try this hard for something that just keeps stabbing…Read more »


Photo by Şahin Yeşilyaprak on Unsplash a little break to eat something before I go back to rushing around. Trying to stay focus even though right now my mind isn’t up to speed for it needs more time to wine down. But, the time to just relax is right now as I focus on the…Read more »