Photo by Daniel Monteiro on Unsplash   down they said for life wasn’t going anywhere faster than it had been in the last week or so. I knew that there was so much I had to do in this lifetime and I knew that my time was limited. But, still they wanted me to slow…Read more »


Image by Andre Hunter You can fill this empty space I’ve had since I could remember at first I thought it could be filled by worldly things but nothing kept that space filled. Until one day I knew not what to do next with the life I had made for myself from the choices I…Read more »

I don’t

Know if I’ll truly be able to just open up just let you in. For, yet again I choose to be alone for I can’t seem to face that this is what I wanted in the first place. I realize there is so much more but, my head just needs quite as the last couple…Read more »


100 Word Wednesday: Week 95 Photo by NeONBRAND We were so much alive with so much energy to go around. We didn’t mind sharing our time with those that we love and care about. We didn’t have a moment when we didn’t have anything to say to one another for we really just enjoyed spending…Read more »


Three Line Tales, Week 144 photo by Andre Benz via Unsplash   Everyone  is coming together to have a relaxing moment with such a great view ahead of them. All year they had planned this trip so that they could see each other doing such a great time of the season.  The mini like red bushes…Read more »

Letting go

of the past the moments of yesterday  the moments of regret.  The moments of doubt  the moments of fear.  The moments when I want to just stop being the best and just blend in.  Letting go of the pressure it feels to just be me right now The pressure of trying to help when all…Read more »

What is going

100 WORD WEDNESDAY WEEK 93 Photo by Jenni Jones    on that instead of learning we are trashing the place where we can take ourselves to a place where we can expand our minds and find ourselves.  To step out of our little bubble of comfort and meet new people and express ourselves more without…Read more »