weather and overworked Floating on a cloud of a cold But pushing through the daily grind. Moving around all the mistakes made by the same person. I don’t know how to help anymore as they don’t want to listen. And here I am trying to live in the positive but your negativity is knocking down…Read more »

Long days

and short nights as you feel like you walked out your door far too long ago. You ache all over and you know you have to go back tomorrow. Yet, all you want to do is go back to bed and sleep the morning away. You hit your alarm off but don’t even attempt to…Read more »

Knowing that

everything  has been leading up to this moment. Feels tiring and exhausting. I all I can think about is going to bed and not having to deal but there is just one more day that I have to get through before. I am free from the demands and the headaches and everything that is continually…Read more »


Joy it’s Friday the last day of stressing out. The day that will fly by so fast I won’t have to worry about what is left behind. The sun will shine so much brighter today just knowing we all need a break. I will smile more just knowing I don’t have to rush around tomorrow.…Read more »


Completely of energy I feel as if I am walking around on Benadryl  and just need to go back to bed. As the day goes by I slowly get to work but I know I’m not fully here but I work on anyway. Walking in slow motion as if I am on the moon and…Read more »

What has

this world become as people become animals. Snapping at you like a snapping turtle because they don’t like to be questioned. Looking at you as if your are the prey and they are predator and you have crossed over into the lions den. When will society get their act together and start treating each other…Read more »