Am I

only as great as you make me lord. I don’t tend to stick out for I am not sure I’m ready for all the attention lord. I like the peace of not being someone everyone is looking too for answers and when everything is not calm. To be thankful that you always here for me…Read more »

I know

it’s late but I just needed to get this off my chest. I miss you and I wish I could talk to you about everything. But, I can’t seem to be able to find you and I wonder if I ever will. You will be one of the people who know everything and nothing I…Read more »


I feel like a blank canvas with no one to create something amazing on it. I feel like an empty shell of a person who once had so much hope and something to look forward too. But, here I am standing with no hope that things will turn around. For no one knows the truth…Read more »


I have forgotten all that have been around me when times were rough as I live in the moments that are good. But, soon the darkness comes back and I am faced with the truth¬† did I let all that was good just walk away because I was being ungrateful to them. Time has gone…Read more »


you I just feel like there is no care in the world. And, I’m grateful that I get these moments when I feel nothing but peace. The thoughts of anger and sadness just aren’t around when you are so near to me. I feel like I’m alive again and the things that have been thrown…Read more »


Our friendship is something I look forward to the talks we share are so great and the time invested¬† into this friendship is the reason it hasn’t fallen apart like the rest. I don’t take you for granted and I care about the things that are going on with you rather they are small or…Read more »