Daily Prompt: Retrospective

Sometimes looking back on past events doesn’t help you move forward in life it just gets you thinking about the what if’s. And the what if’s really don’t get you anywhere because you start looking back on how you could improve the life that you are current living. And yes we all want to improveContinue reading “Daily Prompt: Retrospective”

Daily Prompt: Broken

We all feel broken sometimes when life just keeps cutting us down. You want to feel less broken because you don’t want to feel weak. You want all your wounds to heal up and you want to move on and smile again. You don’t want to go through having to pretend that everything is okayContinue reading “Daily Prompt: Broken”

Daily Prompt: Assumption

I was a fool to think you would be around when I needed you I just assumed that when you say you would always be there for me. I thought that was you saying more than just words to me that night but, yet again you are not around. Always coming later when I don’tContinue reading “Daily Prompt: Assumption”