I’m drowning

in the feelings that keep bubbling up inside me when your around.

Your eyes always hold me in place until I fear I won’t ever move again.

Your voice so smooth it melts me like chocolate on a hot day!

I want to have peace with you so the light inside my heart shines so bright like a flashlight.

Guiding you through the tough things in life.

I want to bring you back from the darkness and hope it will be a permanent thing.

I don’t want to lose you again for in the end.

Moving on without you is something I don’t want to picture happening again.

I want to feel safe in your arms for a lifetime.

I want my words to be forever inscribed in your mind.

I’m ready for you and everything that you stand for and everything you will stand for one day.


Written By: Deirdre Stokes



Where’s my support team at!

Where were you when I needed your support?
There isn’t a day that goes by that the sadness that is now occupying the space that used to be the joy you bring.
They say it’s hard to kick an addiction or to do something like depression on your own.
But, what do you do when the people who were your support team is gone.
Not a phone call or email returned.
How long are you to wait for them to care again?
Yea we all have lives to live but when is it okay to stop caring for one either.
When do we wonder if they are okay or when do we notice they are different from before.
Or that’s strange she doesn’t usually reach out to me so many times in one week.
When did becoming an adult meant we left people behind.
Yea it can be true that some friendships don’t make it pass seven years or some don’t need to communicate so often.
But, when one reaches out can’t you at least reach back even if it’s days or weeks later.
At least they will know you tried!


Written By: Deirdre Stokes 



Daily Prompt: Confused

He looked so confused standing in line waiting for his food.

I wanted to ask him so bad, what left him so confused that the look on his face never seemed to go away.

Even after he got his food and walked away the looked seemed stuck or permanently set.

Did one earn the honor to look confused all the time or does one get cursed to look that way?

I guess I’ll never know, but I hope he isn’t cursed to be confused forever.

What kind of life would that be?


Written By: Deirdre Stokes




Am I so upset that I can’t seem to keep it inside

like I want to climb to the highest mountain and just scream

it all out.

Until I’m empty inside

No words left inside, no emotions so high

Just quite all around.

And I feel my feet on the ground again and

I am fine again at least that’s the lie I keep telling myself.


Written By: Deirdre Stokes Registered & Protected 



For my heart is in a place that doesn’t seem safe.
The thorns grow more out of control each day.
Poking and causing pain like never before.
There is no situation to what my heart is going through.

There’s not even an explanation to how this started or when it will end.
So I’m frustrated to the point of I’m just standing here waiting for something to happen.
For I have no moves left to take and no words left to say.


Written By: Deirdre Stokes Registered & Protected 


Not a concern anymore!

What am I waiting for

your not coming back

for awhile.

I’m a lost toy to you something you out grown.

I’m in the dust under your bed in the deep corners you never looked.

To afraid to see the truth, if only one more push.

You would have found me and maybe then no one would feel hurt.

Like a memory from the past, I’m not a concern anymore.

And when years have past and you decide to redecorate.

You move that small bed and there I am.

 I am old and you barely recognize me.

But you smile as a memory comes to you.

Then you toss me to the trash and like that I’m gone for good.


Written By: Deirdre Stokes Registered & Protected