Daily Prompt: Zoo

A place that doesn’t stop being amazing and interesting even when you grow up, the experience of seeing many  animals that you can’t see everyday. You take pictures and make memories at the zoo with the people you love and care for, you take your children there  to let them see the many wonders ofContinue reading “Daily Prompt: Zoo”

Daily Prompt: Carousel

As a child the merry-go-round was the ride every kid wanted to go on with all the wooden horse that were so colorful. You just wanted to ride them and wave to your parents as they stood off to the side of the ride. Taking pictures of you having so much fun that when the ride came to a stop, youContinue reading “Daily Prompt: Carousel”

Daily Prompt: Childhood

Childhood something I remember For there were fond memories of fun times. Times when all I cared about was getting home And playing with my toys or going outside to play. My childhood was good even when it had the bad times or The times I got in trouble for not listening. Childhood you areContinue reading “Daily Prompt: Childhood”