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can you see it in my eyes as I stand here watching you come into my home and take from me.

I am a Lion and I rule the jungle and I am not afraid of what you may think will protect you from me.

My eyes show the fire that burns inside me when you think I am just someone who will stand by and let you destroy things dear to me.

I was not born to let you walk all over me and think that one day I won’t bounce back and pounce on you.

I don’t regret any of the things I have done for it is in my nature to sense when danger or fools are on my land.

I do my best to behave but, there is only so much I can take and when I’m ready and have made up my mind there is no turning back and as you cry out no one will save you from me.

I will think little of you when you are gone and soon the earth will break down your remains and you will be forgotten as the next meal becomes available to me.



Written By: Deirdre Stokes




I feel like a blank canvas with no one to create something amazing on it.

I feel like an empty shell of a person who once had so much hope and something to look forward too.

But, here I am standing with no hope that things will turn around.

For no one knows the truth and now as I push everyone away again.

I don’t regret being lonely again and soon I’m lost in this little life that I call home.

Nothing feels as great as it once did and soon the ending to this story won’t be the one everyone expected.

To be or not to be in the middle of everything.

Or to be out of the stress and lies and nothing but misery at the end of the night.

You play the fool and I just want you to know I won’t stand down for this fight is not over.

I was taught to be a lady and to well have morals but once you poke the bear.

Don’t be surprised when the beer comes running and biting for its life.

As a prey I always just let the predator get me and now I’m tired of hiding and I’m ready to fight and piss some people off.



Written By: Deirdre Stokes



I’ve been

used and abused by you for too long.

I’m like recycling to you for you just use and reuse me until you are satisfied.

My pain is your gain and at the end of the day, you are not trying to make things better for me.

I have so much to say but I won’t disrespect you.

They say he will deal with you and I hope he does soon.

For I deserve more than this and I’m tired of being mad and frustrated.

I’m just trying to do my best but right now my mind is blown from the lies you said to me.

I’m not a kid and I don’t take the bullshit anymore and I see right through your lies and I want to laugh in your face so bad.

You’re a snake and I’m about to make you regret you ever thought a battle against me would end well for you.

I come to win and I won’t leave until I’m satisfied even if that means you have to suffer more when I’m gone.

I won’t feel sorry for the mess I leave behind because you didn’t care what a mess you were making for me.

Use me and you will wish you never met me.

I can be the nicest person but, do me wrong and you will never see it coming.

I will forgive but, I won’t forget and I will replay it to my advantage.

I’m trouble and you thought the problems you had before were bad but the truth is I’m worst than any natural disaster for when I destroy there is no coming back.


Written By: Deirdre Stokes




It’s all you got

and even when they tell you to let it go

you just continue to let it grow.

You don’t care about the outcome

You just scream from the top of your lungs

as your heart starts to beat faster and the words just keep pouring out.

When will you stop?

When your all alone and there is no one to hear the words

or will you continue to yell in an empty house.

Eventually, you will go mad and yell all the time walking around and just one wrong

look will get you going and nothing will stop you.

Until one day it will be too much for your heart and it will slowly

start to beat slowly and then it will be over.

And I wonder what will be your last thoughts as the world around you

finally goes dark.

Will you have wished you had got that forgiveness or will you just not even care?

If only you had listened to me when I let anger go for it doesn’t help me grow it only holds one back.

Will you let anger go and live a life with purpose and so much growth or will you end up like the person above with no hope or light at the end of their road.



Written By: Deirdre Stokes



At my limit

With you right now, I’m annoyed and just over it.

Words can no longer express how I feel for no amount of words can fully describe how your acting.

The anger build up inside me and it’s not just for me but for others that you have burned.

I feel like I want to protect them and not let you harm them with your words.

But, something inside me stops me from saying the words I need to say to break you down a couple of steps.

I have never known someone to be so nasty before.

Your words are toxin and your heart is blacker than coal.

Nothing you do or say proves to me that you care enough to stop.

You just pretend like a child that you have done no wrong and should be forgiven.

But, honey I can forgive but I will not forget and if I wasn’t  the person I am in today.

I would have told you off by now and let it be done for you will never have my trust or respect.

This world needs love and not your ugly hater to continue to grow.

I am fighting for the good and trying to stop all the wrong and the ugly in life.

I have grew up and have put away my childish ways, when will you do the same?


Written By: Deirdre Stokesimage


Daily Prompt: Breath

I want to say I took a deep breath that day

and really stopped and thought about what I

was going to say.

But I didn’t and so I’m now faced with

a face of anger that is so bright like the sun

that I’m blinded by the words.

I shouldn’t have said in the first place

I wonder if I apology and take the breath

I should have earlier, maybe things can be


Written By: Deirdre Stokes Registered & Protected