Week 180 of Three Line Tale. photo by David Peters via Unsplash Me to the show and I hope it will be good as the planes fly high above us lets truly enjoy this time together. The joy in the air is so Contagious there is no frown Insight nothing but laughter and smiles. It’s so…Read more »

A picture

Week 179 of Three Line Tales. photo by Richard Clark via Unsplash Can shine the light on so much that is going on around us but, sometimes a picture can show things looking too perfect. The Sun is shining out and all you want to do is get to a place where you can truly enjoy…Read more »


Week 178 of Three Line Tales. photo by Kong Jun via Unsplash The time where we can relax for a week and a half  on vacation where laughter is all around. And even though you know you will enjoy yourself you still hope to not burn out here in the sun and to get as much…Read more »


Week 176 of Three Line Tales photo by Alex Guillaume via Unsplash Set aim your arrows at the target of your choice, and fire away and at first, your hands are shaking. But you get them together as you try again to hit your target and you know that everyone else is trying too. So do…Read more »


Week 175 of Three Line Tales photo by Samuel Taylor via Unsplash we got look back on the past and appreciate some of the things we had or still have and not just throw them away because their time has come. But, to look back and say it’s be incredible to be able to see those…Read more »

The number

Week 174 of Three Line Tales photo by Alexej via Unsplash   three isn’t just a number to us it has meaning behind it as its the amount of days it took for you to work up the nerves to say something to me. It’s the amount of times we went out before you told me…Read more »


photo by Vidar Nordli-Mathisen via Unsplash look how big he is, I didn’t think he would look this amazing up close to me but wow it’s absolutely amazing. His so big and white to be able to see a polar bear looking so calm and the black fur under his neck with a hit of…Read more »