Going in the right direction!

100 Word Wednesday: Week 76

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I don’t think I’m going in the right direction and I’m fighting to get through the mess that is surrounding me right now. 

I want to break free from it just to really catch my breath and to feel the sun on my face for more than just a few moments. 

If I hadn’t looked up that day maybe I would still be in the same space I was in and right now I just feel like things are slowly picking up even on my darkness days. 




Written By: Deirdre Stokes


Going in the right direction!


I don’t

know how to play it cool when it comes to you.

I try my best to not let things bother me when it comes to you.

But, I find it hard to just let things be when you’re so important to me that just letting things fade away.

Truly is saddening to me and yet that is how things are now.

I used to try harder to get your attention but, now I’m too tired to put in the effort I used to.

So here I stand watching what was once one of my favorite things to do just fade away like another day on this earth.

I know that I won’t forget you but, I can’t say the same for you.


Written By: Deirdre Stokes





Photo by Katerina Radvanska on Unsplash

life fights back and you put up your best fight to keep the little bit of control that you have left. 

You know that everyday is unknown to you of what will happen and even though you some what look forward to life some days. 

When you know the possibility of something new happening and today won’t be the same journey you go on as the day before. 

You look forward to the moment when you will completely enjoy every moment of the day and the fight against the things in your life you don’t need to be involved with will soon be done. 

When the fighting is over with and the sun comes out and all is calm you know that the new path has been set and it’s time to prepare for the next journey ahead. 


Written By: Deirdre Stokes