His anger

is eating him alive as he realizes his losing more than he can take he didn’t think she would walk away without a goodbye. But, she did and it sadden him for he never meant to close her out but he was so angry at himself for what he did. That he just knew she…Read more »

Wordle # 118

1. Antlers 2. Evil 3. Evasive 4. Residual 5. Barkeep 6. Struggle 7. Dahlia (a type of flower, can also be a name) 8. Transfuse 9. Methuselah (a patriarch who lived 969 years. Gen. 5:27. an extremely old man. a very large wine bottle holding 6½ quarts (6 liters). 10. Pluck 11. Presentiment (a feeling…Read more »