In A

small town lived people who have dreams and desires like everyone else in bigger or smaller towns. But in this town there was no strangers but family and more family. They supported each other no matter what was going on and they light up the town every winter in hopes to draw someone new in.Continue reading “In A”

The Nightmare

It all started with me leaving the house That night, it was so dark and silent Too silent if you ask me but I kept walking. As I entered the forest that night all I thought About was this is the quickest way to your house. But as I got deeper into the woods, IContinue reading “The Nightmare”

The Library

It had been a long day of researching And  the quietness of the library helped me focus For the first time this semester. I felt good to not have to rush to pull this paper Together, and it was quite an interesting subject. But as I looked up from the book I had been reading AndContinue reading “The Library”

The Journey of Bonnie Ann Spades(continues part 1 and portrayal of story combined)

She is very kindhearted girl who is shy and does not have many friends. She has Gray eyes and long brown hair with light brown highlights, her eyes are small and her black eyelashes are long and healthy. Her nose is small and cute like a button and her mouth is pumped and thick, sheContinue reading “The Journey of Bonnie Ann Spades(continues part 1 and portrayal of story combined)”