is full of many surprises. some are good and bring a smile to your face. Well others are bad and bring nothing but tears and frowns. But, from every moment that a struggle comes around. Once the storm comes and it eventually leaves with a rainbow left behind. Making you see just how much you…Read more »


Completely of energy I feel as if I am walking around on Benadryl  and just need to go back to bed. As the day goes by I slowly get to work but I know I’m not fully here but I work on anyway. Walking in slow motion as if I am on the moon and…Read more »

That night

Image by Bikurgurl We all got together to enjoy a great show after a long day at work. We knew the time to relax and just move to beat and sing along was among us as we just enjoy this time together. For we knew we would not get another chance to just forget about…Read more »

Look in

the mirror what do you see? I know you don’t see me so why do you feel I should do what you do. I know that I may be lost but I know I don’t want to be you. I know I want to live up to whatever it is I will end up doing…Read more »


I didn’t want things to be this way but you choose to be this way for you drive yourself crazy like someone is watching you. But, the truth is no one is worry about you and your insecurities are lighting fires in places you don’t want them to be started. And all I want to…Read more »


Photo by Briggs Boyd on Unsplash How I need your quietness right now as the world has becomes so loud. I know sometimes life gets busy and you just have to move with it but, some people don’t appreciate all that you do. And so you just want to yell and that’s where nature comes…Read more »