Moment of waiting for so long has finally come. The count down to not being stressed out has come. No need to rush around and worry about being late or too early. No need to lose your mind over getting things done in a certain time frame. No need to schedule anything just let whatever…Read more »


wait for me to make a decision. Even though we have talked about it before. For some reason, I still can’t commit to what I need to do. The word yes is on my mind but when I open my mouth all that comes out is I’m still thinking about it. Or any other excuse…Read more »


Photo by Levin Anton on Unsplash time to let somethings in my life just fall apart. To not worry about where the pieces will fall or how hard they fall. Just let it all fall and worry about the mess later. For it’s time to stop cleaning up things and just let something things workout…Read more »


Photo by Mika Luoma on Unsplash is coming and along with it is the heat and it’s slowly turning up as the day go on. It first starts off nice and cool and then the heat takes over and you feel like you just want to stay in the cool breeze because this heat could…Read more »


Photo by Atharva Tulsi on Unsplash no care in the world I sit here with all the confidence I have ever had and enjoy this moment. I am not worried about who is texting me or supposed to text me by now. I know that plans have probably changed as I don’t bother to look…Read more »


of rolling the dice and paying the price for other peopleĀ  life choices I didn’t really sign up for. I am not your backup plan because if I am I will let you down everytime. For I owe you nothing and some day you will realize that when I am gone. But, for now I…Read more »