The Solitude

That felt like hundred years had gone by Since she last talked to anyone or spent time with them. She had got lost in her books and music and When she looked up so much time had gone by That she couldn’t believe her eyes of the In the mirror looking back at her…Read more »

My Heart

Is alone when it’s hunting For anything that will make it Beat fast again. I know the time will come But for now I will hunt alone. And maybe one day the hunt Will become a chase that last a lifetime Of my heart beating to the same beat as yours Whoever you are.  …Read more »

The bag was full

And then there was nothing left, his hand reaches in searching for more. But comes up empty and he can’t believe he ate them all. Just twenty chips, the serving size for one and yet he ate them all in one serving and hadn’t seen it coming. With nothing left to eat he was still…Read more »

That night you were

So patient and kind to me, you we’re earlier I didn’t think I deserved the tendering touch. You were giving me, for earlier I had been so cruel. I yelled at you for forgetting something, I later discovered I never told you to get. For the text was never sent ,you should be mad out…Read more »