Left here

Free Flow Friday with Laura  Prompt: Raw I’m left here feeling these raw emotions of what just happened and I begin to wonder why was I spared when so many lives were lost. What had they thought before the bullet took their lives and in that moment before fate decided it was their time toContinue reading “Left here”

Captive by your words!

Free Flow Friday with Laura Stuck on what to write you should check out free flow Friday by clicking on this link: Free Flow Friday!   Captive by your words as I sit down and read a good book and completely zone out as I get sucked in to each page.  As the story unfolds rightContinue reading “Captive by your words!”

Getting through the fog

So happy that Free Flow Fridays with Laura are back! Photo by Laura I see someone up ahead and I just want to catch up with them for its been lonely on this road to nowhere. I just needed to get away and see some scenery but all that was out today was fog andContinue reading “Getting through the fog”

I can’t look

One eye open one eye shut as the scary part of the movie begins. The scary sounds are so loud that you jump when something happens. As you build up the courage to look with your hands still covering your face just in case something frightening happens again. In the darkness of the movie theaterContinue reading “I can’t look”