I find

it hard to find balance  when each step is like standing on a balancing beam. one wrong step and I’m falling and starting all over again.  I know that failure happens but, right now I’m no a limited amount of time  and I don’t have time or the energy to keep trying.  I must get…Read more »

How did

it all come to this. This quite that surrounds me with so much peace. Lately things have been passing me by as I stay in one spot barely enjoying this life that was given to me.  The coldness that creeps in every morning and stays longer than it should.  It makes everything that seem important…Read more »

You are

my everything  my greatest moments  worth the time it takes to get ready.  You are the realize I don’t give up  and I choose to continue on even when the struggle keeps going on and on.  I have faith that you will deliver me through it all and when I come out on the other…Read more »

Help me

100 Word Wednesday: Week 92                     Photo by Alex Iby from the coldness of the blood color water I stretch out my hands in hope that someone will see me and will come and help me. But, the water is getting colder by the minute and…Read more »