Minutes is all I have to get it all done before my time is up. Several decisions have to be made before this new year begins and everything changes. At this point I’m not sure if it’s for the best or the worst. All I can do is get the things done and hope for…Read more »

Eight days

until I can truly feel the joy of this season. The days leading up are all filled with working and cleaning and rushing around to get things down. When it’s finally here and then the next move will be focusing on the next holiday and the next moment you get to just relax. Soon it…Read more »

I’ve always

Photo by Carson Arias on Unsplash wanted to blend into the background and not be seen. For I didn’t think I was worth being notice at the time. I’ve never been the one to stand out and get attention even though sometimes I don’t know if I really want to be. I wonder if I…Read more »

I don’t

Know how much longer I can hope this friendship is worth holding on too. Days and weeks and months go by with no words being replied to my text it’s like you have disappeared with no care. But, the truth is you have not gone far but a simple hello is well too much to…Read more »