Happy Thanksgiving

for everyone who is celebrating today with their love ones.

I’m Grateful today for my family and my dog but most of all for my God.

I’m grateful to be able to be so close to the ones that I love the most. 

I hope everyone enjoys their day and eats lots of good food. 


Left behind



Image Credit Mert Guller

Like the rat trying to drink some left over Starbucks drink, I’m just trying to survive and not keep struggling with the same things going on in my life.

I’m just looking for an option that will set me free from the things that I’ve been running from lately.

I am standing on top of all the things that didn’t work out and all the people who tried to tear me down, and I am finally free from the stress and the struggle that has been in my way.


Written By: Deirdre Stokes



Left behind!


How did

you know that I was worthy of your love, your friendship and your time, when I don’t feel like I deserve all the attention you give me.

I’m just trying to survive in this world and not think too much about a future for I don’t know what will become of me.

I want to do so much but, lately I feel so lost and not sure the place I’m heading to is the right destination for me.

I want to find my way so badly lately but, I just don’t seem to have the strength to explore the many options in front of me.



Written By: Deirdre Stokes



I’m sorry

that I wasn’t worthy of your time 

and that even though I was always around I wasn’t counted as someone who was there for you during the tough times in your life.

I wonder now why I felt like I let you down when I was there fighting to keep you safe even when you didn’t think you deserved to be saved. 

You were apart of my growth as I found myself and in the end you just didn’t seem to care about all that we had done together to make it out of the darkness of our lives. 

I helped keep you up when you couldn’t walk and go through the light for you knew all that you had done was not hidden away but out front where everyone could see. 

I stood there handing your hand and comforting you so that there was not a moment that you felt alone and heart-broken. 

Your pain was my pain and now it’s like, I was invisible the whole time and every moment that I experienced was not true as you removed me from your life. 

You said I was  there but what I did was not enough and the one’s that were around only on your good days were the ones you choose over me and the day I walked away. 

I felt so bad for you for when you expected them to be there for you and the one’s that would try for a while will eventually leave too and when you realize  I’m gone.

I won’t come back even if you beg for my forgiveness, for I will forgive but I will move on for I feel like once you’ve burned me the possibility of you ever been trusted again is just out of the question.

For I will always  know what you did and that in the end tells me it’s time to just let you go for good. 




Written By: Deirdre Stokes