Image by Bikurgurl I stand like a toy frozen by your words wonder why you feel you have the right to say that. You seem to think you are above everything and therefore you think you can get away with so much. And I’m supposed to stand around as if nothing is happening and not…Read more »


is life if not for you God. is it nothing without you? Do we sometimes think we run the day or control people because what we say goes. Do we lose sight of what is really important to us because of what others have going on in their lives. Do we want to live our…Read more »


Letting the good out weight the bad with a smile on your face . You know that life can be bad but you keep your head up  always. You don’t let anyone push you around  and you always there for others even those that don’t appreciate all you do for them. You don’t do it…Read more »


Photo by María Victoria Heredia Reyes on Unsplash a view outside today even though the rain drops on my window I see what great I could be experiencing that day if only I would go outside. Instead I have caged myself inside because I am afraid put myself back out there again. But, I too…Read more »