I didn’t expect to hear

 Sunday Writing Prompt “Phone Call”

from you again.

So when you called me it was such a surprise

That I almost dropped my phone and ending the call before it started.

You said you’ve missed me and it’s been long enough since the last time we’ve talked.

I didn’t know what you expected me to say since I haven’t thought much about you since that day we no longer were friends.

A friendship that felt so right, we were so connected and the trust was so strong it was like we were meant to be friends for life.

But, that all changed and I’m fine with how life turned out for me once you were gone.

 You apologize for how things ended and ask if we can start talking again?

I didn’t want to say yes but saying no felt like I had been holding a grudge against you all these years.

But I haven’t been because I didn’t think about you at all and if I did it was once in a blue moon.

So I said yes but told you don’t expect much from me for I’m not the same person you used to know.


Written By: Deirdre Stokes
Copyright ©️ 2019 By Deirdre Stokes

I didn’t expect to hear

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