Photo by simon sun on Unsplash

was more than the frame she put her artwork in.

She was more than the color that flowed down on the canvases

She created things that were so beautiful it always was mind-blowing.

She was someone who didn’t believe she was good enough to stand in the crowd with others that called themselves artist.

She felt she just didn’t fit in and the way she felt wasn’t the way they felt and the connection some had with each other just wasn’t the connection she felt.

She felt alone in a world that always left her surrounded by people who saw or but didn’t bother to get to know her.

Or people who didn’t really see her and so she wasn’t even a thought to them, only a little saw who she was and got to know her and in time she trusted them.

She is an artist and sometimes a lost soul but, she is still trying to find herself and in that she is creating things that change and enlighten you on everything you thought you knew.


Written By: Deirdre Stokes