is moving by so fast that I just can’t believe tomorrow is August. Soon these hot days will turn warm and then cold, I know that time will go by fast and right before you know it. Things have passed and you missed them and you wish you could go back and get that time.…Read more »


Photo by Roberto Delgado Webb on Unsplash   my emotions are on straight and as I sit here looking straight at you with no expression at all.  I am calm and just ready to be capture in this photo as simply breath-taking or maybe someone will seem me as someone who is sad.  But, what…Read more »

I sit

here simply wondering when things will fall back in place as everything around me seems so dark. I wonder if a storm is coming and if it will wash away my sorrows and as it does will the joy and cheer be restored in me. Will I gain back the strength I  had or will…Read more »


quiet moments of my day feels so right. Nothing bothering me as the peaceful feeling surrounds me with nothing but joy. This moment I have been waiting for has been a long time coming I know that things have been rough but, now it’s starting to look up. The clouds are now calm as the…Read more »

I know

that things will be different now and I’m trying to be strong through all the changes. But, all I feel is this great weight on my shoulders and I didn’t ask for this and all I can do is walk with my head up and hope I carry it all on my own. Or I…Read more »